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'Politics Gone Hideously Wrong': Anti-Semitic Bullying Said to Contribute to a Missouri Official's Recent SuicideKali Holloway/AlterNetA New Kind of Mental Disturbance? Drone Pilots Are Quitting in DrovesPratap Chatterjee/TomDispatch'Get Your F*cking Kids Vaccinated': Jimmy Kimmel Wages War on Anti-VaxxersMary Elizabeth Williams/SalonWhy Not Have Sex With People Who Aren't Your Partner?Gabrielle RobinAlterNetEverglades To Be Killed This October by Florida's Own Koch BrothersSemDemDaily Kos6 Ways Big Pharma Exploits Our Worst Fears to Hook America on DrugsMartha RosenbergAlterNetWhen Capitalism Becomes an Act of WarLynn Stuart ParramoreAlterNetSnowpocalypse Now! Snowstorm Blankets Huge Swath of the CountryJessica GlenzaThe Guardian6 Conservatives Who Desperately Need a High-School Sex Ed ClassAmanda MarcotteAlterNetWATCH: Larry Wilmore Talks Legalized Weed Revenue—'Who Knew There Was Money in Drugs?'Kali HollowayAlterNetShot in the Chest, Racially Abused: 5 Horror Stories from the DOJ's Ferguson Police ReportOliver LaughlandThe GuardianWATCH: Jon Stewart Ridicules Drummed-Up Clinton E-mail ScandalJanet AllonAlterNet13 Years in the Slammer ... for Two Joints?Phillip SmithAlterNetWhat's Wrong With Atheism TodayJohn GrayThe GuardianHow the GOP Keeps Shooting Itself in the FootHeather Digby PartonSalonThe Ancient But Largely Forgotten Technique Women Can Do to Give SupergasmsCarrie WeismanAlterNetSecular Blogger Brutally Murdered for His Beliefs—And Bangladesh Will Do Nothing About ItMehnaaz MomenAlterNetThis Humble Food Is a Nutritional Powerhouse -- and It Changed the Lives of Hippies, Environmentalists, and Gun-Toting RednecksAri LeVauxAlterNetWashington State Prosecutor Denounces Wife's Racist Facebook Posts About MuslimsDavid EdwardsRaw Story5 Reasons Conservatives Wouldn't Actually Want Netanyahu To Be Our PresidentZaid JilaniAlterNet9 Social Panics That Gripped the Nation, Were Totally False, and Did Horrible Lasting DamageJanet AllonKali HollowayAlterNetWomen's Bodies Can't Perform Magic (Someone Please Tell Republicans)Jessica ValentiThe GuardianRobert Reich: How the Next Democratic Nominee Could Rescue AmericaRobert ReichWhy I Absolutely, Positively Never Want to Have a ChildJessica BurnellAlterNetRussell Brand Explains the Real Reason Westerners Join ISIS: AlienationZaid JilaniAlterNet'It’s the Blackness That Scares Everybody': Why White People Favor 'African Americans'Brittney CooperSalonVoting Rights Act of 1965 Helps Black Voters Across the Board. Is It Enough?Terrell Jermaine StarrAlterNetHey Apocalyptic Christians -- Here's How the World as We Know It Will Probably EndBill UnderwoodAlterNetJon Stewart: Congress Gave Netanyahu ‘Longest Bl*wjob a Jewish Man Has Ever Received’AlterNetNoam Chomsky: Defeating ISIS Starts with the US Admitting Its Role in Creating This Fundamentalist MonsterAmy GoodmanDemocracy Now!Atheist Group Blasts ‘Absurd’ Decision to Censor Its Easter BillboardsDavid FergusonRaw StorySurveillance Valley: Why Google Is Eager to Align Itself With America's Military Industrial ComplexYasha LevineAlterNetClear Proof Bill O'Reilly is a Serial Liar About His PastZaid JilaniAlterNetCould Common Food Additives Be Causing Serious Health Problems?Katie LevansEcoWatchWhy Major League Soccer Players Could Be on the Verge of a Major Work StrikeMichael ArriaAlterNetMeet the Burlesque Dancer Who Was Fired For Her Voluptuous CurvesPaul OswellThe Guardian4 Things More Dangerous to Israel Than Iran’s Civilian Nuclear EnrichmentJuan ColeJuanCole.comRight-Wing Christians Screech About ‘KGB’ Spies After City Simply Checks Church’s Zoning PermitTravis GettysRaw StoryWhat Rift? 5 Times Netanyahu's Speech Showed America's Well on Board With His Dangerous PlansMichael ArriaAlterNet5 Signs Scott Walker Is Using GOP’s Racist 'Southern Strategy' to Win in 2016Roger BybeeAlterNetHey, Smug White People: You (Yes, You) Are a Racist, TooKali HollowayAlterNetJon Stewart Mocks John Boehner's Terrifying Kissy FaceAlterNetTaser International and Cops Profiting from Police BrutalityMichael ArriaAlterNetHere’s How to Find Out If Your Penis Is a Normal Size, According to ScienceAgence France-PresseAFPNoam Chomsky: U.S. Thinks of Israel as an 'Offshore Military Base'Amy GoodmanDemocracy Now!Honduras Is Sold as a Libertarian Paradise -- I Went, and Discovered a Capitalist NightmareEdwin LyngarSalon6 Signs It May Be Time to Break Up With Your FriendJennifer TwardowskiWhat the Hell Is Concierge Medicine?Alison PreluskyDaily KosTennessee Churches Pray For City to Pass Ban on ‘Swingers Club’ and ‘Sinful’ ActsDavid EdwardsRaw StoryMeet the Menstruators Fighting Canada's 'Tampon Tax'Sarah BermanThe TyeeWhy (and How) We Should Legalize PsychedelicsGeorge ZilliacAlterNetIsraeli Security Veterans Speak Out Against Netanyahu, Calling Him a 'Danger' to IsraelJonathan CookAlterNetFear Dominates Politics, Media and Human Existence in America—And It’s Getting WorseDon HazenAlterNetNoam Chomsky: Why Israel's Netanyahu Is So Desperate to Prevent Peace with IranAmy GoodmanDemocracy Now!WATCH: John Oliver's Brilliant Rant—Even 'That Idiot' Donald Trump Knows We Have to Rebuild Our InfrastructureJanet AllonAlterNetMoreUnder the Radar, Big Media Internet Giants Get Massive Access to Everything About YouJeffrey ChesterAlterNetFlorida Man Turns Tables on Racist Neighbor: Records Him Screaming Anti-Immigrant SlursEric W. DolanRaw StoryBeware Lesbian Abortion Cookies! 3 Outrageous Right-Wing Attacks on the Girl ScoutsBrian TashmanRight Wing WatchWhy the Ownership of Personal Data in the Hands of a Few Should Worry UsNeil LawrenceThe GuardianWhat Was Missing From the Mainstream Media's Coverage of Netanyahu's SpeechJim NaureckasFAIR'Get Your F*cking Kids Vaccinated': Jimmy Kimmel Wages War on Anti-VaxxersMary Elizabeth WilliamsSalonWhy Medical Marijuana Smoking Bans Are Bad For PatientsPaul ArmentanoAlterNetGay Ex-Ballplayer Has the Perfect Response to Christian Player’s Criticism of His ‘Lifestyle’Travis GettysRaw Story'Politics Gone Hideously Wrong': Anti-Semitic Bullying Said to Contribute to a Missouri Official's Recent SuicideKali HollowayAlterNetSnowpocalypse Now! Snowstorm Blankets Huge Swath of the CountryJessica GlenzaThe GuardianRight-Wingers' Secession Threats: Fighting Tooth and Nail on the Wrong Side of HistoryAdam LeeAlterNetA New Kind of Mental Disturbance? Drone Pilots Are Quitting in DrovesPratap ChatterjeeTomDispatchWATCH: Larry Wilmore Talks Legalized Weed Revenue—'Who Knew There Was Money in Drugs?'Kali HollowayAlterNetWATCH: Jon Stewart Ridicules Drummed-Up Clinton E-mail ScandalJanet AllonAlterNetShot in the Chest, Racially Abused: 5 Horror Stories from the DOJ's Ferguson Police ReportOliver LaughlandThe Guardian

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Security questioned in probe of attack on US envoy to Seoul - Chron.comPlane landing at LaGuardia Airport skids off runway - New York Daily NewsHarrison Ford: Five other celebs who survived plane crashes - New York Daily NewsISIS militants 'bulldozed' ancient archaeological site, Iraqi ministry says - Fox NewsPalestinian leadership halts security ties with Israel - euronewsHead of UN Women: No country has reached gender equality - The Daily ProgressBali Nine execution: Lisa Wilkinson takes Christopher Pyne to task on Today show - Sydney Morning HeraldU.S. relying increasingly on Iran - Dallas Morning NewsBoko Haram kills 68 in Nigeria - DAWN.comSyria's al-Nusra Front commander 'killed in strike' - BBC News

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The Miracle Cube Timer is not a miracle, but it's still usefulHarrison Ford crashes his vintage plane, seriously injuredTHIS TOOK FOREVERA Steampunk video time capsule from The Edwardian Ball 2015Swedish TV chefs celebrate cheez doodles day, but something goes terribly wrong on-airRevenge of the Nerds: an emoji quizDaniel Ellsberg: If Gen. Petraeus won't serve a day in jail for his leaks, Edward Snowden shouldn't either.NASA: Mars may have once had more water than Earth’s Arctic OceanJustice Department issues "scorching" report on Ferguson's Police DepartmentNYC public schools to close for two Muslim holidaysPhotos of buildings reduced to rubble, debris, destruction, and chaosWATCH: urinators surprised by wall that bounces pee back at themBeautiful photo of impact basin on MercuryMMA fighter bullies his way into getting knocked out in 20 secondsInsider's report of Daily Mail Online: "dishonesty, theft of copyrighted material, and sensationalism so absurd that it crosses into fabrication"Why people like high ceilingsBullshit copyright complaint is the perfect pretense to censor CT library artWhat multicolored toothpaste looks like before it's squeezed from the tube7 electronics kits for kidsNinja of Die Antwoord talks 'CHAPPiE' with Boing Boing's Xeni: here's a teaser for our full-length interviewThe Whisper of Stars: A science-fiction thrillerThe best Bar Mitzvah music video invite you will ever seeDelta plane skids off runway at NYC's LaGuardia airportMusic: "Jump, Jive & Harmonize," Thee MidnitersGreatest hits of customer aviation complaints to the DoTMatt Haughey retires from MetafilterJimmy Kimmel's message to the anti-vaccine movementTrolls abuse Canadian copyright law with fraudulent mass-scale extortion noticesLego cell phone dock spins 360Net Neutrality victory lap: Grumpy Cat banner flown over Comcast HQ

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Internet of things taken over by Internet of SLUGS AND SPIDERSMicrosoft fluffs Azure cloud with search, data storage, faster computeGalactic LENS-FLARE gives boffins a giant TIME MACHINEI see what you've done, there, Tweet troops tackle tech twinAdobe launches cashless bug bountyAustralia's new broadband satellites won't be all the help Willowra needsUS Senators hope to crack down on the trade of private informationAMD LiquidVR toolkit takes the vomit out of virtual realityMicrosoft comes right out and says backup software is deadAustralia's digital technologies curriculum parked AGAINFREAKing hell: All Windows versions vulnerable to SSL snoopTelstra to let customers access their own metadata for AU$25US watchdog: Anthem snubbed our security audits before and after enormous hack attackRed Hat seeks cloud critical mass with Atomic HostTurnbull says no need to future-proof NBNBad news: Robo-cars will make you work BILLIONS more hours. Good news: In 2040VMware sued, accused of ripping off Linux kernel source codeCanadian bloke refuses to hand over phone password, gets cuffedIntel slaps Iris Pro GPUs into Core i7 silicon to woo desktop gamersOffice for Mac 2016 Preview: This letter will self-destruct in 60 daysWorld’s oldest IT dining society breaks into the House of LordsIBM System x biz sales: The numbers are out... and they're not prettySales up at NSA SIM hack scandal biz GemaltoDanwood CEO: No more M&amp;A disco watching for usRevealed: Facebook Boss Zuckerberg's One Weird Trick When HiringVirtual reality WHIPLASH CHAIR in shutdown scarePATCH FREAK NOW: Cloud providers faulted for slow responseThe Hausman interview: CloudPhysics' analytics strategy revealedWhy Wi-Fi <i>won't</i> solve mobile telcos' data dilemmaUpper house of Parliament joins the drone debate‪Obama criticises China's mandatory backdoor tech import rulesSuper SSD tech: Fancy a bonkers 8TB all-flash PC?Another day, another load of benchmarketing, this time from HDSSymantec: Corporate divorce starts on April Fool's DayCloudExpo makes me thirsty. Barman, a pint of storagebeer for my friendHow many Androids does it take to change a light bulb?Cisco, MapR first to top Big Data TPC benchmark treeBroadband routers: SOHOpeless and vendors don't careEuro ministers ditch plan to ban roaming chargesEU annoys industry and activists with net neutrality proposalUK spaceport, phase two: Now where do we PUT the bleeding thing?Choc Factory splatters 51 bugs, Mozilla bumps cert checker'Hi, I'm from Microsoft and I am GOING TO KILL YOU''Domain shadowing' hijacks registrar accounts to spawn attack sitesIBM's secret growth plan is … Karaoke?Huawei to build 5G patent .hoteis ... not a typo but a window into ICANN's baffling worldAustralia threatens to pull buckets of astronomy fundingFrontier promises it won't 'dumb down' <i>Elite: Dangerous</i> for XboxBoffins find Earth's earliest <i>Homo</i> in Ethiopian hilltop


Japanese woman, the world's oldest person, turns 117. Which means if she lived in the U.S. she would be just a few years shy of being able to think about retirementSpeed dating. For seniorsChina is about to build Pakistan a pair of unproven nuclear reactors in a tsunami and earthquake zone, right next to a densely populated city with a growing terrorism problem. What could possibly go wrong?"There are no laws in existence that protect the rights of people whose photographs have unwittingly become internet memes." Well, that's what happens when you huff gold paint or look like you're a crazy stalkerTrain carrying crude oil derails and is on fire. This is not a repeat from last month. Or last yearWe've all tried to get into a car in a parking lot only to find it wasn't ours. However, we haven't all been stabbed over itNo sledding, no peaceFlorida cops hunt suspect in brazen daylight aerophone heistWorkers set to demolish house accidentally demolish houseThe latest thing you probably haven't heard about? Western hipsters are calling themselves "lumbersexuals," and that's OKMan may move cross-country just for house that can contain his huge organNate Silver is calling it for ObamacareDaesh nimrods bulldoze ancient town of Nimrud and its 3,000 year-old palaceHan solo he hit the groundSomething old, something new, something ISIS, and something ... what the fark?Even the bears in Russia are alcoholic. Two bears from Sochi to enter rehabPolice suspect the highway heist of an unmarked gold bar transport that was robbed immediately after pulling over at an unannounced stop might have been an inside job. Obvious tag impressed by fine police workFark Food Thread: Do you make your own pasta? How about the sauce to go with it? Share your perfect way to serve up a great pasta dish and keep 'em coming for moreShut up and take my money you damn, dirty ape"Police in Basildon are hunting a gang of men who attacked a woman with baseball bats and a knife while she was giving birth"El Niño es tarde para el trabajoStudy reveals that optimists live longer. Pessimists just end up getting proven rightPhotoshop this peeper"Britain's security agencies should look to recruit more middle-aged women and mothers to be new spies and should target websites popular with parents to find them"If you ever experienced the phenomena of forgetting or blanking on how to spell simple words like "the," "wheat," or "defenestrate," you've suffered from the common condition known as "Wordnesia"It's not police riot squad training until some idiot sets himself on fire with a molotov cocktailMeet the man who can get drunk on ... french fries?"Nominations are now open for the annual Shed of the Year contest in which Britons each year show their eccentric affection for their garden refuges"Man caught with 1,000 erectile dysfunction tablets won't face hard timeGiant robots brought in to direct traffic in Kinshasa: "People don't respect the traffic police," said one Congolese taxi driver. "We should respect the robot" (pic)High school chemistry teacher who tried to join ISIS jailed for six years. Shoulda stuck to making methField cameras catch deer eating birds. Wait, WHY ARE DEER EATING BIRDS?The Daily Mail: Where online journalism rock bottom is the ceiling* HIC * Here comes the scienceIf you're in the cult that's leaving decapitated animal heads all over Sacramento, the police would really like you to knock it off before you summon one of the Great Old OnesNot news: Two dead bodies found at funeral home. News: Hidden above ceiling tilesIt's nice, but let me call my brother, he's an expert on cars crashing into pawn shopsChicken McNuggets will soon have less antibiotics. Unclear if they will have chickenScientists now believe that redheads may be genetically superior. Redheads have always believed thisDog rescued after being shot and tied to tracks. Suspect is identified as wearing all black with a black hat, cape and a handlebar moustacheLiberia: Proudly ebola-free for one day"Ecuador's radical grammar vigilantes are on a mission to correctly punctuate the country's graffiti"Delta flight attempts to toboggan back to Atlanta from New YorkIt is not everyday you go hunting and you happen to stumble upon a 10,000-year-old baby rhino frozen along your path'Don't you turn my brown eyes (sizzle sizzle) blue'Police sent to save distressed kid in gorge. Turns out to be wrong sort of kidJodi Arias verdict livestreamMan smokes horse and weed, but not in that orderNorth Korea offers condolences over attack on U.S. Ambassador to Other Korea. Haha, just kidding, official state media calls it a "knife-attack shower of justice"New York adds Islamic holidays to school calendar. Woohoo, more days off. Wait, what day was Mohammed born? And when was his crucifixion?Is this the Fark squirrel making the best of the winter storms? It's certainly drunk enoughHere's what happens when you ask homeless people if they just dropped some money. Their answers are probably more honest than yours would have beenRingling Brothers Circus agrees to stop featuring elephants due to allegations of abuse, elephants declare they will never forgetTeen who woke up paralyzed now suddenly walking and running again. Jesus Christ wanted for questioningDzhokhar Tsarnaev's lawyer opens trial by admitting his client blew up Boston Marathon. Check back today for admission that his client caused global warming and Honey Boo BooRussia is planning to build a new giant aircraft carrier, but it will never happen because Soviet aircraft carriers were built in UkrainePhotoshop this fully unearthed Easter Island statueInvestigation finds Ferguson police are driven by racism and profits. So... they're a typical cop shop?You can now blame your low SAT score, work place injuries, and heart attacks on daylight saving timeWoman who caused an accident that killed her daughter and her two nieces was busy chatting on Facebook while driving, claim prosecutors. Like this post?To all the Jewish Farkers; Happy Purim. To all the Gentile Farkers, Purim is the Jewish Holiday that is a cross between St. Patrick's day, Halloween, Mardi Gras, Thanksgiving, April Fools, and the Jewish tradition of tons of good food3 words: PEEPS FLAVORED MILKThat awkward moment when the lab octopus you're taking pictures of snatches the camera out of your hands and starts taking pictures of youDC Fox affiliate's perky blonde gun advocate/reporter may have exaggerated a *teeny-tiny* bit when she talked about fending off a home invader and 15 of his druggy, thuggy friends while unarmedCouncil advertises general hand job, you up for it?It turns out companies who advertise cheap divorces over the internet might be as trustworthy as your no-good-for-nothing ex-husbandPrivate schools do more harm than good; ergo, we should send children to public schools because at least they teach viable sexual education classes"Hey pal get your own bridge to suicide on, I'm here first"Man arrested for simple battery after going up to random people, grabbing them and slapping them because...well, he doesn't need a reason other than FloridaMother's Day would not be the same if you didn't shop for gifts on Groupon. Please think of your MomAlbert Einstein: "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the universe"Hi, this is Microsoft tech support. Your computer has been infected with a virus, and if you don't let me in to fix it, I'm going to send assassins from Canada to fix youTheme of Farktography Contest No. 513: "Wallpaper This II" Details and rules in first post. LGT next week's theme{2}

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Office for Mac 2016 hands-on: a vital upgrade, with some kinks to work outComcast is not saying when it will make HBO Go available on the PS4Stop the presses: HTTPS-crippling “FREAK” bug affects Windows after allUSPTO ends “warning system” for outlandish patentsHands-on with the Huawei Watch: The most watch-like smartwatch yetHands-on: Valve/HTC Vive opens up the virtual reality experienceThe weak link in Apple Pay’s strong chain is bank verification. Who’s to blame?Fastest star leaving our galaxy was blasted out by a supernovaWhat the Lumia 640 tells us about Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2From The Wirecutter: The best Wi-Fi router (for most people, anyway)Hands-on with two LG Watch Urbane models: One promising, one not so promisingWater droplets bounce off these new self-cleaning surfacesIt’s about time: Microsoft releases free Office for Mac 2016 previewFacebook post written in Florida lands US man in United Arab Emirates jailRepublicans’ “Internet Freedom Act” would wipe out net neutralityResearch confirms that lasers improve everything, including oscilloscopesWhat to expect when we “spring forward” with Apple on March 9Rock Band 4 will thrash in 2015—and so will its old guitars, drums, DLCDNS enhancement catches malware sites by understanding sneaky domain namesSteam Controller, SteamVR, Steam Machines: Valve’s hardware push in photosFerguson cops “routinely” block public from filming them, DOJ saysUber’s epic DB blunder is hardly an exception. GitHub is awash in passwordsEA closes SimCity studio Maxis EmeryvilleSteam Gauge: Measuring the most popular Steam games of 2014“HBO Now” coming this spring for $15 per month, with Apple as launch partnerImaging a supernova with neutrinosNetflix opposes data cap exemptions, except when it benefits from themProbable Broadwell MacBook Air shows up in screenshotsNew CSI: Cyber show debuts on piracy sites ahead of broadcastJudge OKs $415 million no-poaching payout to Apple, Google employeesOculus ready to go “full consumer” on Gear VR later this yearFTC to award $25,000 for the best honeypot design to trap robocallsDentist who copyrighted patient reviews must pay $4,766Theaters dig in heels, refuse to show Netflix’s Beasts of No NationHillary Clinton ran private e-mail system while US secretary of state“Can I borrow your phone?” Hands-on with Mark Shuttleworth’s Ubuntu phoneFossil jawbone discovery is earliest evidence of human genus HomoShaking electrons brings atoms to standstillMore IoT insecurity: This Blu-ray disc pwns PCs and DVD playersTech support scammer threatened to kill man when scam call backfired