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Why Monsanto Is About to Get a Lot Bigger and More PowerfulReynard Loki/AlterNet10 Crucial Issues Most Politicians—Except Bernie Sanders—Lie AboutAlex Henderson/AlterNetGOP Presidential Candidates Go to Israel and Return With Fairy TalesZaid JilaniAlterNet4 Reasons Humans Are So Bad at Sexual MonogamyAnna PulleyAlterNetI Could’ve Been a Duggar WifeBrooke ArnoldSalonYou Wouldn't Believe How Christian "Missionary" Work Has Radically ChangedCathleen FalsaniReligion DispatchesBody Cam Video Catches Cops Slamming Black Pregnant Woman to Ground, Letting White Woman Go FreeDavid EdwardsRaw StoryHousing Authority Forces City Workers to Wear Orange Vests So NYPD Cops Don’t Shoot ThemJay SyrmopoulosThe Free Thought ProjectHow NPR Is Doing Right-Wing's Economic Dirty Work on DebtDean BakerJeb Bush's Misleading ISIS StatementsJoan McCarterGOP Presidential Candidates Go to Israel and Return With Fairy TalesZaid JilaniAlterNetNew Reality Show Exploits Poor Families, Makes Them Grovel Over the Thing They Need MostKali HollowayAlterNetTragedy of Whitney Houston and Her Daughter: The Surprising Factors That Can Make People 4600 Percent More Prone To AddictionJohann HariAlterNetWebsite Targets Pro-Palestinian Students In Effort To Harm Job ProspectsAmanda HolpuchThe GuardianWATCH: Larry Wilmore on Josh Duggar Sex Scandal: 'I Hate Pedophiles, But I Love Irony'Kali HollowayAlterNetDelusionary Thinking in Washington, The Desperate Plight of a Declining SuperpowerMichael KlareTom DispatchWhat Is Your Vision of a Just and Climate-Stable 2050?Lindsey AllenRainforest Action NetworkWATCH: Jon Stewart Blasts FIFA Hypocrisy: 'What if They Were Wall Street Bankers?'Adam JohnsonAlterNetHow Western Press Spreads ISIS Propaganda: The Case For a Media BlackoutAdam JohnsonFAIRJewish Teacher Sues Colorado School District Over Evangelical Events on School GroundsJenny KutnerSalonChris Hedges: America's Mania for Positive Thinking and Denial of Reality Will Be Our DownfallChris HedgesTruthdigSegregationists Never Went Away: We Just Call Them “Small-Government Conservatives” NowBrittney CooperSalon20 Big Ideas From Bernie Sanders to Reverse Inequality, Expand Safety Nets and Stop America's PlutocratsSteven RosenfeldAlterNetChicago Police Took 'Hunting' Photograph With Black Man As PreyZach StaffordThe GuardianWhat It’s Like to Be Gay at a Christian College—Where It’s a Reportable OffenseJenny HudallaYES! MagazineBill Moyers: The Challenge of Journalism…Is to Survive in the Pressure Cooker of PlutocracyBill MoyersMark Ruffalo on Mother's Abortion and Why It's Wrong to Say 'I Am Not A Feminist'Leslie SalzilloConservatives Go Berserk After Bill Nye Links Texas Floods to Climate ChangeDavid EdwardsRaw StoryCleveland Cops Promise to Stop Pistol-Whipping People After DOJ Exposed Their Dangerous HabitJohn VibesThe Free Thought ProjectSexual Assault Is an Epidemic. Only the Most Committed Apologist Can Deny ItJessica ValentiThe GuardianWATCH: Elizabeth Warren Gives Amazing Two-Minute Explanation of How Government Has Been Taken Over by the RichZaid JilaniAlterNet4 of the Biggest Cheerleaders for Egypt's Shockingly Repressive New RegimeAlex KaneAlterNetThe Secret Group That Wants to Take Over Your SchoolSarah LahmThe ProgressiveWATCH: Jon Stewart Nails Rand Paul on 'Religious Freedom'—'Don't We Sell Cakes to Sinners All the Time?'Janet AllonAlterNet8 Ways Robots Are Taking Over Our Jobs and Our WorldZaid JilaniAlterNetJ. K. Rowling Smacks Down Westboro Baptist Church Bigots in One Perfect TweetJanet AllonAlterNetLeading American Psychiatrist Conducted Disturbing Experiments -- and Now He's Smearing Journo Who Uncovered ItBruce E. LevineAlterNet'Cartoonishly Evil': Watch John Oliver Brilliantly Eviscerate FIFA Corruption (VIDEO)Adam JohnsonAlterNetSexists Are Scared of Mad Max Because It's a Call to Dismantle PatriarchiesJessica ValentiThe GuardianDOJ Orders Cleveland Cops to Stop Hitting People on Head with Guns—Among Other Brutal PracticesSteven RosenfeldAlterNetIs Your AC Making You Sick? 5 Things You Need to KnowEva M. Selhub, M.D.The Great Charter School Rip-Off: Finally, the Truth Catches Up to Education 'Reform' PhoniesJeff BryantSalonWhy Is It Still So Hard For Women To Prove Workplace Discrimination, Even When It's Painfully Obvious?Caroline FredricksonThe New PressHome-Brew Heroin Is ComingPhillip SmithAlterNetShock: Congress Plots to Pay for Reviled TPP Deal by Raiding MedicareGaius PubliusAlterNetIt's Sinister: We're Locking Up Poor People in Debtor's Prisons to Fund Police Depts.Corinna RegnierThe GuardianU.S. Is Waking Up to a New World Order, Not of Its MakingPepe EscobarAsia TimesSchoolgirl’s Tearful Speech Exposes How Jehovah’s Witnesses Silence Women to Protect RapistsJin ZhaoRaw StorySWAT Raids 81-Year-Old Navy Vet’s Home, Broke His Hip, Left Him For Dead in Pool of His Own FecesMatt AgoristThe Free Thought ProjectBernie Sanders: Let's Return to Tax Policy of "Radical Socialist Dwight D. Eisenhower"Michael ArriaAlterNetSWAT Team Allegedly Broke 81-Year-Old's Hip, Left Him Lying in His Own Waste: LawsuitTana GanevaAlterNetAmerica Could Have Been One Giant Sweden -- Instead It Looks a Lot Like the Soviet UnionJohn FefferTomDispatchMoreColleges from the Bronx Same as Harvard, Yale in Lifetime EarningsKali HollowayAlterNetNew DEA Chief Is Bravely Reeling in the War Against WeedJohn VibesThe Free Thought ProjectNew Reality Show Exploits Poor Families, Makes Them Grovel Over the Thing They Need MostKali HollowayAlterNet10 Crucial Issues Most Politicians—Except Bernie Sanders—Lie AboutAlex HendersonAlterNetBody Cam Video Catches Cops Slamming Black Pregnant Woman to Ground, Letting White Woman Go FreeDavid EdwardsRaw StoryHow NPR Is Doing Right-Wing's Economic Dirty Work on DebtDean BakerWebsite Targets Pro-Palestinian Students In Effort To Harm Job ProspectsAmanda HolpuchThe GuardianJeb Bush's Misleading ISIS StatementsJoan McCarterHousing Authority Forces City Workers to Wear Orange Vests So NYPD Cops Don’t Shoot ThemJay SyrmopoulosThe Free Thought ProjectDelusionary Thinking in Washington, The Desperate Plight of a Declining SuperpowerMichael KlareTom DispatchChicago Police Took 'Hunting' Photograph With Black Man As PreyZach StaffordThe GuardianWATCH: Jon Stewart Blasts FIFA Hypocrisy: 'What if They Were Wall Street Bankers?'Adam JohnsonAlterNetCandidate Bob Duggar in 2002: Those Who Commit Incest Should Be ExecutedScott Eric KaufmanSalonConservatives Go Berserk After Bill Nye Links Texas Floods to Climate ChangeDavid EdwardsRaw StoryCleveland Cops Promise to Stop Pistol-Whipping People After DOJ Exposed Their Dangerous HabitJohn VibesThe Free Thought Project

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UN: Myanmar must address root causes of migrant crisis - CNNWhy Western women join ISIS - Philly.comPhilippines could get caught in crossfire between US, China - CNNNigeria's president Goodluck Jonathan to hand over to former dictator ... - hotel bombing strikes Iraqi capital Baghdad - Sydney Morning HeraldReappearance of Kim's sister stokes baby rumours - the Elite US-Trained Special Forces Chief Who Just Joined ISIS - Colorado Springs GazetteBartender convicted of killing man who drank 56 shots in one sitting - The IndependentOfficials scramble to prevent FIFA vote to oust Israel - YnetnewsSyrian rebel group 'seizes' city of Ariha in Idlib province - Irish Times

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The vast, unplayable history of video gamesXeni chats with All In's Chris Hayes about appropriation artist Richard Prince's Instagram screenshot artUniversal tablet stand in the Boing Boing StoreBusiness lessons from "pirates, hackers, gangsters and other informal entrepreneurs"IRS leaks 100K taxpayers' data to identity thievesUSGS seismologist previews action flick 'San Andreas' and the resulting tweets are hilariousThe best explainer on FIFA corruption right now may be this old Reddit threadAlex Toth - the cranky genius cartoonist who designed Johnny Quest and Space GhostBabes in Toyland: What it's like to go back on tour after an 18-year-breakFlying Monkey costume test shotZombie-head string lightsMansplaining: The StatueDenver Comic Con had a women in comics panel. Naturally, it was all-maleWhen to Rob a Bank: new book from the Freakonomics folksNASA is testing a new Mars lander set to launch next March to study planet's mysterious coreEcocapsule: minimalist pod for living off-gridMarvel’s Daredevil gets a Law and Order revampEasy to use, camping and emergency fire starterHow to get that silver-mouthed Warboy look without dying from paint fumesSon of China's richest man thinks two gold Apple Watches is enough for his dogA dungeon game within an experimental documentary bookReal estate bubble drives urban blightThe Kindle finally gets typography that doesn't suckUPDATED: New York school makes poor kids huddle indoors while richer students attend carnivalJenny Lewis video draws from her childhood actor pastPorn actors must wear protective goggles during shoots: California safety standardJ.K. Rowling delivers fabulous smackdown to Westboro Baptist ChurchWhat it's like to take a brain-enhancing drug every day for a week in ColombiaHelp Kickstart this awesome doll with styleable natural hairThis upcoming horror game looks really, really scary and everyone's excited

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Fumbling Feds lose control of seized MegaUpload domains – to saucy vid slingersHyperloop tube trains, killer AI, and virtual skydiving: Yes, it's the Pioneers FestivalYay for Tor! It's given us RANSOMWARE-as-a-serviceIT service management as an enterprise-wide serviceBRAIN STORM: Nine mislaid cerebra found near railway line in New YorkMicrosoft's free Windows 10 upgrades to suppress PC salesGoogle launches native Android Smart Lock password managerAustralia to develop STEM education plan any month nowLibre Office comes to AndroidSmall businesses trashed in big malware campaignGoogle spins up free 'unlimited' photo albums in the cloud four years before it shuts it downThar she blows! Actual DEV TOOLS spotted at Google's dev eventAnd then the Google guy said: Of course you can use Android Wear without a smartphoneGoogle's Cardboard 2.0 virtual reality device is a triumph for humanity, said no one sane, How about listening to us the first two times, exasperated FTC tells ICANNAndroid M's Now on Tap cyber-secretary is like Clippy on hard Clean your streams of titillating titty titles off our screensGoogle puts Android on a diet, names it after the first thing it sees under the sink – BrilloFCC boss sketches out bargain broadband for hard-up AmericansChip chef Avago gobbles up Broadcom for $37 BEEEELLLIONIndian music streaming service Ganaa hacked, site yanked offlineWho's the big Swiss bunch that wants to take Sir Jony's lunch? It's... SWATCH!Insurer tells hospitals: You let hackers in, we're not bailing you outHey biz types: You don't grok Big Data. But you can use Salesforce, right?Zuck-Up as Facebook Messenger app tracks you everywhere foreverIt's the Internet of Feet: Lenovo shows smart shoes, projector keyboard phoneServer market grew at its fastest rate since 2010, say Gartner's mysticsSex disease surge in US state partly blamed on hook-up appsNetApp name-changes SteelStore to AltaVaultTech Data leaps into professional services poolWhat scares you most about ‘the cloud’?Health-snoop bangle vendor Fitbit hit with Jawbone sueballWhy voice and apps sometimes don't beat an old-fashioned knobSony sees the cold light of optical archives, buys ex-Facebooker's upstartYour CAR is the 'ultimate mobile device', reckons Apple COOGoogle I/O FORTRESS: Sold-out dev conference is in LOCKDOWNCrafty fingering could let Apple Watch thieves raid your bank accountMy Passport Grip Pack blooms with new colours … and more storageThe 'echo chamber' effect misleading people on climate changeSplit decision: Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi convertibleWOODEN computer chips reveal humanity's cyber elf futureCisco predicts Rise Of The Machines in new networking indexNASA sending five-metre THERMO-HAMMER to MarsPassword reset sites expose crackable PeopleSoft credsNASA's Jupiter moon mission becomes acronymathonSourceForge accused of shackling GIMP in kinky adwareDon't PANIC but ... UNSTOPPABLE robots IMMUNE to injury built by boffinsBeware Red Hat interviews: you'll pay for coffee, lunch and fuelFortinet rides to troubled Meru's rescueDocker Hub images buggy and vulnerable, say researchers


To prove not all billionaire CEOs are heartless and greedy thugs, Chobani CEO will donate half of his wealthAn assault rifle used in seven unsolved Northern Ireland murders has been discovered on public display at London's Imperial War MuseumUgly-ass pygmy hippopotamus gives birth to ugly-ass calfCalifornia legislature set to legalize the scourge of roadwaysFriendly the Clown arrested for getting too friendly with traumatic brain injury patientRussian oil company Rosneft signs up to be the next to have its industrial properties nationalized by VenezuelaThe Royal Society of Putting Things On Top of Other Things is apparently illegal in Boulder, CoA Consumers Energy spokesperson said it is not standard protocol to patch natural gas leaks with ragsGod is alive and well and living in Brooklyn...and he is pissed. So he sued them, of courseObama seizes control of the nation's water supply in an effort to, oh, who can even guess what nonsense they'll come up with this time?Kirby Delauter, previously known for being Kirby Delauter, is back in the news for acting like Kirby Delauter. Kirby DelauterWhen the anthropologists of the distant future study our society, this sixth-grader's written apology to an emergency dispatcher for calling 911 and shouting 'DEEZ NUTS' will be among the most valued primary documentsRepublican NC governor promises to sign bill allowing state employees to opt out of officiating weddings on religious grounds... And when I say 'sign', I mean 'veto'Photoshop this robot rumbleGot cancer? Maybe you should cut down on the semen2,400-year-old 'bongs' used to smoke cannabis and opium are dug up in Russia. Willie Nelson thinks they might be the ones he lostJade Helm hysteria, circa 1954: "all of the damage reports were composed of '5 per cent hoodlum-ism, and 95 per cent public hysteria.' Puget Sound residents had unwittingly become participants in a textbook example of collective delusion"Fark Food Thread: Do you cook with fresh produce from your own garden? Share with your fellow Farkers how you make the most of your green thumbPhotoshop this clean-up crewCow escapes slaughterhouse only to be shot at McDonald'sFlorida pilot's preflight checklist included half a bottle of Cognac, wineIt was one small ban for mankinis, one giant step for an English seaside resort town: English resort sees crime fall after mankini clampdownComing this weekend to NYC, nature's most awe-inspiring sight: ♫Manhattanhenge, where the A-list dwells. Where the bankers live and they do live well / Manhattanhenge where a man might be a man. Where the children drink coffee and eat whole bran♫Antelopes in Kazakhstan no longer roaming, almost half of endangered species dead. Scientific theories include a lung disease or poisoning by rocket fuel from Russian launches at Kazakhstan's Baikonur spaceport. Either way they're not roamingSix things you learn by being the worst person on the internetWarning: That lower back tat may come back to bite you in the assPro tip for electricians: Check the wiring in your cannabis farm before it sets fire to your roofA Burning Man festival in Israel ends up torching ancient remains by accident. OopsPutin: Those FIFA guys? Honest as the day is long. Incorruptible. Shining examples of human honesty and fair dealing. Pretty handsome too. Loved by their wives, Morgan Fairchild, whom they've seen nakedMan attempts to shoplift an AK-47 by stuffing it down his pantsOne of the best investments ever made by America is well ahead of schedule and could be released this summerMad Max: Fury Road fans find "Wilton Silver Color Mist" on Amazon. Hilarity ensuesTed Cruz admits he's on level 217 of Candy Crush SagaFinally, the DOD is spending our money on something usefulGay Head movedMan gets drunk and illegally catches 122 sea bassPhotoshop this head growthThese are some of the images you get if you attach a heart rate monitor to a dog and connect it to a camera so that a picture is taken whenever the dog's heart rate is increasedBAC of .145 has a new cover girl - who tried to leave the scene of her crash with no headlights and a flat tireIf you want to reignite the flames of desire in your ex-girlfriend's heart, setting her bedroom on fire isn't the best way to do itThe most irrational man in America is a tenured professor at Duke, suffered burns on 70 percent of his body when he was a teenager, and officiates the weddings of strangersStudy reveals mental illness is a problem for those that cannot afford to treat itIndiana's marijuana-smoking church granted tax-exempt status, plans to test limits of controversial Religious Freedom law at first "worship" service: "I don't think they're going to come into the church and arrest us"Berkeley instituted a tax on soda in hopes of getting people to quit drinking it. Instead the city took in $116,000 in revenue the first month and people still keep drinking itRemember how Conservatives said that ministers would be jailed for following their conscience and religious beliefs on the gay marriage issue and Liberals were all, "nuh-uh"? Yeah, about thatDecades after the events of World War II, the Germans still fear the bombs that didn't go offRemember back in the good old days when a cute airline stewardess could pose for some fun and playful pictures inside the engine well of her plane without passengers freaking out? "They couldn't believe what they were seeing"Ice cream sprinkles: serious businessEvidentally the schools frown on teachers being drunk and passed out at their deskAnthony Weiner's unintended penis joke - by Dick JohnsonWhat happens when ISIS conquers you? Well that depends, women are sold into slavery. Men and teenage boys? ExecutedChicago cop to fight his firing over a photo pretending to hunt black men with antlers"Vanya, the word you have to spell is 'troll.'" "Could you use it in a sentence?" "The troll enjoys expressing his displeasure on the internet about how Indian kids keep winning the National Spelling Bee." "Troll. T-R-O-L-L"I blame all y'all for ruining this prestigious once learned languageNew ice cream cone raising a Führer across IndiaEvery glass of water you drink is almost 100% dinosaur weeThieves break into a car, steal a pair of sunglasses and ignore a million dollar lottery ticketRic Romero reporting: Teen drivers are putting everyone at risk on the roadsThe snow in Boston may not melt before summerA hotel kicks out 30 guests after an argument erupts over a waffle-makerTheme of Farktography Contest No. 525: "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" Details and rules in first post. LGT next week's theme{2}

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Android Pay is old news now: Google teases Hands Free Payments prototypePSA: Amazon launching next Nintendo Amiibo toy wave in 30-minute wavesAfter FBI domain expires, seized serves up pornDestiny’s House of Wolves DLC impressions: A better loop, endlessly retoldAndroid M makes another attempt at automated device backupsAndroid M has a dark theme optionAmazon Prime launches free same-day delivery in 14 citiesHow bad would the ozone hole be if we did nothing?Pakistani CEO arrested for selling degrees from “Barkley” and “Columbiana”De-crapping the Windows Store, take twoGoogle releases bigger, iPhone-compatible Cardboard VR viewerAT&T wants to choose which online video services count against data capsHands-on (again) with the Nvidia Shield—the first good Android TV deviceGoogle Maps allows turn-by-turn navigation—offlineThe Dealmaster wants to offer you a moment of Zen(book)UN says encryption “necessary for the exercise of the right to freedom”Google announces cut-down Android-based “Brillo” for Internet of ThingsGoogle Photos leaves Google+, launches as a standalone serviceAndroid M Dev Preview delivers permission controls, fingerprint API, and morePlay Store to add Developer Pages, A/B app listings, and moreAndroid M embraces USB Type-C, MIDI devicesAndroid Pay is all about tokenization; Google Wallet takes a backseatAndroid M’s “Google Now on Tap” shows contextual info at the press of a buttonGoogle announces the “Cloud Test Lab,” a free, automated testing serviceGood news for game devs: Android Studio 1.3 supports Android’s C/C++ NDKGoogle’s Android M preview build will run on the Nexus 5, 6, 9, and Player [Updated]HBO Now coming to AndroidTwitch bans streaming of games rated “Adults Only” by ESRBLiveblog: Google’s I/O KeynoteKnots of material seen merging in the jets of a supermassive black holeXbox One controller could get a standard 3.5mm headphone jack in JuneCapcom pulls bug-ridden PS4 Ultra Street Fighter IV from tournamentHuman-AI echoborgs make chatbots more real, but still fail Turing testThe tech that’s putting women in EA’s FIFA games for the first time [Updated]The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review—hunting fiends for fun and foreverOculus CEO: Consumer Rift and a suitable PC will cost about $1,500New Zealand man convicted of laser strike, receives no prison time“Upskirting” photo voyeurism to carry 1-year jail term in OregonSourceForge grabs GIMP for Windows’ account, wraps installer in bundle-pushing adware [Updated]Improved Apple Watch SDK will drastically improve third-party apps this fall