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Buying America: The Many Astounding Ways You Can Express Your Values with Your Pocket BookDavid Morris/AlterNetLatest National Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Beating Scott Walker, Donald Trump, Jeb BushZaid Jilani/AlterNetMeet Scientology’s Favorite GOP Governor: Why Greg Abbott Is More Dangerous Than George W. Bush & Rick PerryBob Cesca/8 Myths That Fuel the Assault on Abortion RightsKali HollowayAlterNetAn Epic Earthquake Is Predicted to Hit the Pacific Northwest — and It’s Totally TerrifyingJulia TrouteEnvironmental ProtectionWhat Trump's Surging Popularity Says About the GOP BaseConor LynchPaul Krugman Decimates Jeb Bush's Medicare DelusionJanet AllonAlterNetWhy Millennials Are Bailing on the Catholic ChurchKaya OakesReligion DispatchesWATCH: John Oliver's Hilarious and Heartbreaking Take on Mandatory Minimum SentencesJanet AllonAlterNetHere’s Why You’re Blocked on Twitter: No Stranger Is Entitled to My Time or TimelineMary Elizabeth WilliamsBill Cosby Accusers Detail Trauma and Betrayal in MagazineJessica GlenzaThe GuardianWe Do Have 'Hunger Games' in America: College Loans -- Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren Plan to Stop ItZaid JilaniAlterNetExposed: Behind the Brain Drain at Consumer ReportsJeff FoxState of the NetLSD: The Opera: Psychedelics Hit the StagePhillip SmithAlterNetIs Alkaline Water Beneficial or Bogus?John BerardiWhy Quitting My Job and Going on Medicaid Was My Best Option When I Got CancerJenWhy the Dichotomy Between Racial and Economic Justice is a False OneRachel M. CohenThe American ProspectHow the Far Right Is Quickly Gaining Ground in Socialist ScandanaviaJulian ComanThe GuardianRampant Corporatism: SCOTUS Justices Rule in Favor of Companies they Own Stock In, 90% of the TimeFree Thought ProjectThe Free Thought ProjectFracking Industry Billionaires Give Record $15 Million To Ted Cruz's Super PACZaid JilaniAlterNetMeet the Political Leader Who Appears to Be Campaigning For the World's #1 Enemy of Free Speech and JournalismAlex KaneAlterNetDoctors Protest Big Pharma's Out-of Control-Greed Which Is Bankrupting Ill PatientsSteven RosenfeldAlterNet6 Right-Wing Doozies This Week: Trump Lets His Fascist Flag FlyJanet AllonAlterNetAlmond Milk Is an Even Bigger Scam Than We ThoughtLindsay Abrams10 Reasons Why Federal Medical Marijuana Prohibition Is About to Go Up in SmokeSteph ShererHuffington PostWoman Calls Police to Report Assault, Cop Shows Up, Holds Her for 7 Hours as He Demands Sex ActsMatt AgoristThe Free Thought ProjectThe Worst of US Immigration Policy Is Reflected In the Dominican RepublicDan-el Padilla PeraltaThe GuardianHow I Got Burned By My Polyamorous RelationshipSandra HollandxojaneIt’s Not Who He Is, It’s Who He Hates: The Secret To Donald Trump’s Toxic AppealElias IsquithSalonGOP Gov. Candidate Offers Bizarre Explanation for Why He's No Longer GayTom BoggioniRaw StoryCop Runs Stop Sign, Hits Sober Driver, Dept Covers it Up By Framing the Man For DUIMike SawyerThe Free Thought ProjectHow Cruel Is Bill O'Reilly? Pundit Goes on Idiotic Rant Against Obama's Decision to Pardon Drug OffendersPhillip SmithAlterNetWhy Scott Walker Is An American Dictator In WaitingSteven RosenfeldAlterNetRobert Reich: Why You Should Celebrate Medicare's 50th BirthdayRobert ReichRobertReich.org10 Brutal Ways the American Safety Net Is Being ShreddedAlex HendersonAlterNetJeb Bush Is Flirting With Disaster: Why His Latest Anti-Medicare Fearmongering Could Sink His CampaignHeather Digby PartonSalonNew Study Suggests Too Much TV Increases Chances of Getting Alzheimer'sAdam JohnsonAlterNetBernie Sanders Becomes the First Candidate to Speak Out on Sandra Bland: 'We Need Real Police Reform'Sophia Tesfaye9 Ways to Make Anal Sex More PleasurableCarrie WeismanAlterNetWife of Murdered Cop Wakes Up to Prison System and How Drug War Led to Husband’s DeathMatt AgoristThe Free Thought ProjectGuess How Sandra Bland Is Being Smeared Now? With Lazy, Racist Marijuana MythsSharda SekaranAlterNetLa. Gunman Was a Tea Partier Who Hated Obama, Admired Hitler and Wanted Women to Shut Up In ChurchTravis GettysRaw StoryIs the Los Angeles Water Supply Being Poisoned?Center for Biological DiversityHealth Care Sleaze: The Person Who Ran Medicare Is Now in Charge of the Insurance LobbyWendell PotterThe Center for Public IntegrityGOP Presidential Candidates Will Appear Alongside Disgraced Conspiracy Theorist John GuandoloBrian TashmanRight Wing WatchRacist New Yorker Berates MTA Employee: 'Learn to Speak English You F*cking Idiot' (VIDEO)Adam JohnsonAlterNetMSNBC Cans Only Cable TV Host Who Extensively Covered TPPZaid JilaniAlterNetTexas Trooper Had No Right to Ask Sandra Bland to Put Out Her CigaretteTerrell Jermaine StarrAlterNetGunman Opens Fire in U.S. Movie Theater, Killing and Injuring Several PeopleMira ObermanAFPThe Only Way to Love a Married WomanAnna PulleySalonGOP Candidates Are Frothing With Islamophobia — Will Any Major Democrats Stand Up Against It?Zaid JilaniAlterNetRight-Wing ALEC Now Says School Vouchers Are for Kids in Suburbia, Not the PoorJonas PerrsonPR WatchWATCH: Jon Stewart Officially Has a Donald Trump AddictionAdam JohnsonAlterNetRobert Reich: It Would Be a Mistake for Progressives to Split Along #BlackLivesMatter and Economic Justice LinesRobert ReichRobertReich.orgWhy the Political Press Totally Didn't See Donald Trump's Surge ComingEric BoehlertMedia Matters for AmericaExecutives Dump Beer on the Heads of Lakota Tribe Children and Face Almost No PunishmentSarah BurrisAlterNetMoreWhy Bernie Sanders Should Be the Candidate for the 1 Percent—Yes, ReallyConor LynchSalonWhite Officer Pepper-sprays Crowd at Black Lives Matter Summit in ClevelandAfi ScruggsThe GuardianNew York Times Is Sorry It Screwed Up Correcting a Story, Not Sorry It Screwed Up the StoryLaura ClawsonDaily KosEl Salvador's Draconian Abortion Laws: A Miscarriage of JusticeMedea BenjaminMichael AvenderAlterNetWATCH: John Oliver's Hilarious and Heartbreaking Take on Mandatory Minimum SentencesJanet AllonAlterNetBill Cosby Accusers Detail Trauma and Betrayal in MagazineJessica GlenzaThe GuardianMike Huckabee Gets Slammed By Jewish Americans For Outrageous Obama-Hitler ComparisonZaid JilaniAlterNetLatest National Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Beating Scott Walker, Donald Trump, Jeb BushZaid JilaniAlterNetPaul Krugman Decimates Jeb Bush's Medicare DelusionJanet AllonAlterNetAn Epic Earthquake Is Predicted to Hit the Pacific Northwest — and It’s Totally TerrifyingJulia TrouteEnvironmental ProtectionBritish Cannabis Petition Forces MPs to Consider Debating LegalizationDamien GayleThe Guardian8 Myths That Fuel the Assault on Abortion RightsKali HollowayAlterNetGOP Gov. Candidate Offers Bizarre Explanation for Why He's No Longer GayTom BoggioniRaw StoryIt’s Not Who He Is, It’s Who He Hates: The Secret To Donald Trump’s Toxic AppealElias IsquithSalonObama in Kenya: What the President Can Do to Help End PoachingJohn R. PlattTakePart

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Obama Calls Ethiopian Government 'Democratically Elected' - New York TimesObama Calls GOP Criticism of Iran Deal 'Ridiculous' 'Sad' - New York TimesISIS exists because world ignored al-Assad in Syria, Turkish leader says - CNN'Even as the President, Kalam led a simple and frugal life' - Hindustan TimesUS softens view of Malaysia, Cuba in human trafficking report - ReutersChina aghast as woman crushed by escalator at shopping mall - Los Angeles TimesLord Sewel: Police search address in central London - BBC NewsJihadi John 'flees Islamic State' fearing own life - Times of IndiaKenyan Babies Named 'Air Force One' After Obama's Jet - Daily CallerIdentity of terror outfit in Gurdaspur attack not known - The Hindu

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Trump lawyer: he didn't rape Ivana because you "cannot rape your spouse"Satanic Temple required protesters to pledge their souls to Satan as condition of entryBreaking Bad themed coffeeshop opens in IstanbulCorgi puppy still not entirely sure about going down these stairsJust a pug lying in a little swimming pool, snoring, with sunglasses onBeing followed? Here's how to shake your tailWatching a sphere of water bubble in space in 4K resolution: Yup, pretty cool"Armed man" was actually armed with musical instrumentsGo to Kmart to use the Internet to shop at KmartInterview with Alexander Rose, contestant on the ABC series BattlebotsEvery tool box needs a pair of screw removal pliersWatch this semi truck jump 160 feet, setting new record“Pixels” movie is sexist pile of crapLawsuit claims Conan O'Brien stole jokes from TwitterFlorida Man crowned winner of 2015 Ernest Hemingway lookalike contestThe Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage: The (Mostly) True Story of the First ComputerTrump to the Future: “Back to the Future” + Donald Trump parody videoHuman and fish insult each other's speciesBicycle Nautic White Playing CardsMan decides not to crush caterpillar after noticing it had a human faceCool way to index your notebooksTerrorize the seas as the white whale of Moby Dick, but with lasers35 women assaulted by Bill Cosby tell their stories in New York magazinePortland police officer accused of 7-hour sexual assault gets paid vacationTwitter joke thieves are getting DMCA takedownsNSFW survey shows what women want in porn850 photos: Making of Yogi Bear and The Flintstones in 1960WATCH: Artist redraws a photo portrait from scratch in this timelapseHotel in Belfast charges $41 for bottle of melted iceberg waterDig this fun 1960 hipster dance party!

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Gamers zap brain-to-computer kit market to US$200m by 2020SOHOpeless: security stains on Honeywell's Tuxedo home automatorAutomattic says spooks asked for something it can't revealMicrosoft plays whack-a-mole with Windows 10 bugs – with just TWO days left on the clockBloke who tried to get journo killed by SWAT cops coughs to conspiracy chargeSecretive trade pact the TTIP: Death of the web – or a brave new horizon?Buy a Tesla for the good of Australia, say country's dino-burnersSoftware spec slip denies Westpac chance at a MILLION A DAYNSA: We'll move your metadata into /dev/null when you stop suing usDebian Project holds Sparc port's hand, switches off life supportAhem, FCC, who do you think you are? The FTC?Game over, Ouya, the Android gaming consoleBin your Android phone: 1 BILLION mobes can be infected by text messageHold that upgrade: Critical bug in .NET 4.6 'breaks applications'Google+ minus YouTube – Google rips 'social network' out of empireDon't suit up: Microsoft drops dress code for Android visitorsEU graciously lets Dutch splurge €33m on 'leccy car charger networkZorawar Biri Singh lands Cisco CTO post as firm shuffles its top brassEmail apparently from Home Office warns of emails apparently from Home OfficePope loses grip on Antarctica: Clergy withdraw from austral landmassHawking, Musk, Woz: Ban KILLER ROBOTS NOW before it's too lateBeijing cops' iPhone swoop knocks out 0.00004 of counterfeit mobe Are we talking about Big Data enough? Should we plug it more?<i>The Register</i> presents its official Programming CompetitionPlexistor's latest box sounds a lot like flash memory as virtual DRAMHurrah! Windfarms produce whopping ONE PER CENT of EU energySamsung emits mobe charging monitor. For your 'active lifestyle'We put Windows 10 on a small fondleslab: STILL not ready, 3 days to goFive data centres you can't live withoutBallmer's billion-dollar blunders: When he gambled Microsoft's money and lostViolin Memory thinks it'll boost sales by copying face cream giantsIf Microsoft made laptops, it'd make this: HP Spectre x360Unhinged Linux backdoor still poses a nuisance, if not a threatGamers Steaming over dumb Valve password vuln'Plague Scanner' controls multiple AV engines, for $0.00Google to block access to unofficial autocomplete APINew study into lack of women in Tech: It's NOT the men's faultAT&amp;T: Sorry vendors, SDN is eating your lunchSoftware-defined what? Look at our glorious ASICs says CiscoOracle storage analytics break Oracle storage appliancesInvisible app ads slug smartmobes with 2GB of daily downloadsPakistan bans BlackBerry Enterprise ServerToday's smart home devices are too dumb to succeedAustralia to tax ALL international online purchasesUbuntu defibrillates 14.10 for one LAST patchOz opposition spraying perfume on metadata dead catOptus tells Department of Comms to sit down and shut upSydney adopts 'world's first' e-ink parking signsSPACESUIT, once FOUND ON MOON: Crowd action saves it for the publicBoffins' audacious plan to blow up aircraft foiled by bomb-proof bag


Distracted Drivers crackdown finds drunk drivers, texters, people doing long division, eating. . .wait what?Drought-stricken Californians are turning to dowsing in attempt to find water. They're also buying large numbers of bat towers, playing three-card monte, helping troubled Nigerian princes, etc1) Drive to work behind armored car. 2) Armored car door opens spilling cash out on road. 3) ProfitBandage-clad bank robber caught, demands to see his mummyOld and busted: The scary stories about artificial sweeteners were unsubstantiated: New science (at least until next Tuesday): artificial sweeteners are better for you than the added sugar in foods like soda. Peaches still safe to eatGays can finally tie the knotPhotoshop this carnival rideSweden found a Russian submarine sunk within Swedish waters. The twist? Andrei did not report this one as lostNot news: Big cat sanctuary in Denver raises prices. FARK: Tries to explain the price increase with greedy, racist, classist rant on Facebook wall. UltraFARK: Absolutely refuses to put down the shovelWalmart employee celebrates his 103rd birthday with special party, hopes to save enough to retire by 105World's largest ice cream cone unveiled in Norway, promptly causing brain-freeze for 9,000 peopleEast Portland unhappy at being locked out of 'Portlandia' world of flighty white hipsters, wants representation for their non-cool diversity. "There's a magical line around the city, and the core gets all the money and all the special stuff"He's back. Look busyPeople in West Virginia are really upset about pepperoni rollsJapanese women go on increasingly popular moss-viewing expeditions with loupe in hand. "Seeing clusters of mosses living together, I can forget about our competitive society"Patrick Stewart explains why we need robots that collect whale snot, which raises two questions: "Why?" and "Whales have noses?"Couple gets caught having sex in a phone booth; says they thought no one would notice. Where the hell did they find a phone booth? (with not safe for work pic)Russian bombers approach U.S. airspace to wish fighter pilots a happy Independence Day, turn tail once fighters offer to help Russians celebrate a MaydayPlease note: raccoons can only fly in movies, and should be kept away from open windowsPhotoshop this good ol' boyCDC closed due to possibly contaminated waterDarwin doesn't like the confederate flag eitherPolice responding to report of human torso on side of road find brisket insteadSwiss army invades France.... to give water to Swiss cowsRoad rage incident in Florida ends exactly the way you'd expect it to endOld and busted: planking. New dumbness: SupermanningRussia to boost their Arctic naval presence in order to protect their access to strategic penguin reservesI have no idea what you're talking about, so here are some Vietnamese people fending off the crippling summer sun with ingenious contraptionsForecasters predict a sighting of the sun in Sweden. Apparently this is rare enough to be news thereAssemblyman introduces drone legislation based upon fake YouTube video from viral marketing campaignHot shot bot to spot whale snotThe London Underground's worst serial killer probably shoved eighteen people to their deaths. Surely that makes him the best London Underground serial killerAnd the gun? Well, the donut trade can be roughBovine terrorists strike again, this time derailing a train in Kent, England (w/pic of what a herd of bovine terrorists looks like)Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport opens new ride adventure - landing a KLM 777-300ER in a 75mph crosswindAs if they didn't have enough already, thirteen more species of nope discovered in AustraliaIf your first date ends with having to be rescued by helicopter it means one of two things: 1) You need to pick better first dates, or 2) You'll have the best "how I met your mother" story to tell your kidsFrench MP wears "Obama, you're a douchebag" T-shirt in Crimea because he didn't know RussianTwo men go for the unicorn of being charged with DUI in same car"Quick, get in the car, it's a lion." "But we're in Milwaukee." "Don't ask stupid questions, GET IN THE CAR"Prison inmate wants to change his name to "Supreme Infinite Knowledge"Twitter out to delete stolen jokes and recycled tweets in apparent attempt to cut down on 98.7% of their trafficPolice have been called after a senior British Parliamentarian was pictured snorting cocaine with two prostitutes and pleasuring himself. Authorities have confirmed he is a high wanking officialPhotoshop this roaring beastWho knew smoking was THIS bad for you? (with video)Stunning photographs show where the world gets its lifeblood from. Thank you, coffee farmersAnd then there was that time we helped nuke a Japanese city and then two thirds of us got eaten by sharks. I'm not saying it was a good timeOld and busted: Responding to "black lives matter" with "all lives matter." New hotness: Responding to "black lives matter" with pepper spray"I didn't realize his arm was cut off until probably a minute or two into the conversation"If you think that all cultures embrace the idea of two people pressing their lips together, you can kiss that idea goodbyeMembers of British parliament view porn on their work computers 20,000 times a month. As a whole, not individually; that would be impossibleThe New York Times article on the treatment of Asian nail salon workers in New York was written to the same Journalistic standards as a Rolling Stone Magazine rape articleGPS tells bus driver that his 3.6 meter tall vehicle can fit under a 2.6 meter bridgeSearch for the bodies of 43 missing students has been a case of good news/bad news. Bad news: They haven't found any of the missing students yet. Good news: They've found at least 129 other missing people, in 60 unmarked gravesMan calls out Starbucks customers he thinks are wrongly using the handicapped space. Starbucks responds by banning him from all stores for lifeHave you researched your family history? Find any interesting or embarrassing ancestors? Tell us about themLike mother, like daughterSex worker kills possible serial killer which puts her ahead of the FBI for serial killers stopped this yearPhotoshop this method of paymentYou're doing it rightThis just in: proof that most Farkers are farking geniusesWhat if they threw a straight pride parade and no one showed up?Airline pilot flying passengers from Heathrow to New York invites ex-porn star into cockpit, has her sit on his knee and push buttons because 'the plane flies itself'Advice from a writer for The Simpsons for parents with children living at home after college: "All those years being your kid's concierge has created an unemployed monster"Some nice people wanted to give a brand-new home to a wounded vet who lived in San Antonio. So they built him one in DenverPhotoshop this heartfelt momentOrdinary fail: Banned from entering local Walmart. Queen of all fail: Banned by the courts from entering any Walmart in America, foreverThe internet is making crappy parents terrified of taking their children anywhere, because the entire world may suddenly get to see how crappy they actually are. Good job, internetO rly? Ya rly, copperHas the allure of the indoor shopping mall finally faded?Ten things you can make with your waffle maker that aren't waffles. You had me at baconMilwaukee police would like the public to know they have the lion situation well in hand and they would appreciate it if people wouldn't shoot dogs they think are lionsNobody knows for sure just how many porcupines live in Alaska. They're small nocturnal creatures that often dwell obscured in trees, making it impossible to count their numbers. But one thing is certain: They make up the bulk of Alaska's roadkillAngry Walls in San FranciscoIt's all fun and games 'til the teenage hit man kills the wrong personRemember that Greek bailout deal that was struck several weeks ago to avert financial disaster? Yeah, about that deal...Just like with vampires, you should never invite a traveling hairdresser into your homeHere are 7 safe sex campaigns that backfired hilariously, since not all campaigns keep people from making whoopeeSubby always thought Russian roulette was played with the gun pointed at your temple, not the back of your headThe real gender divide in the office workplace isn't the glass ceiling but rather the steel thermostatArizona man decapitates woman, two dogs, chops off his arm and then gouges out eye because there was nothing else to do in Phoenix todayDrug mule busted after acting like an assOklahoma bestows adulthood on teen as a belated gift for his 'stabby sixteen' partyOur host isn't in the studio tonight, but here is an archived Livingston Stapler Company Presents show from December 12, 2012. Enjoy a little Christmas in July, with a special guest performing in the studio that nightPolice get suspicious when guy cleaning his motorcycle in neighbor's driveway didn't seem to mind that his house was on fire{2}

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Filmmakers fighting “Happy Birthday” copyright find their “smoking gun”New Horizons data shows Pluto’s atmosphere, surface featuresA public marketplace for hackers—what could possibly go wrong?We took gaming’s version of the Myers-Briggs test—and you can, tooGeorgia sues legal rebel for posting state’s copyrighted law onlineEven former heads of NSA, DHS think crypto backdoors are stupidNew MPAA-Mississippi e-mail showcases anti-Google media attack planBehind the wheel of VIRTTEX, Ford’s distracted driving simulatorMusk, Hawking, Wozniak call for ban on autonomous weapons and military AIGoogle officially ends forced Google+ integration—First up: YouTube950 million Android phones can be hijacked by malicious text messagesMerely receiving a phone notification is enough to distract a driverSo long, Ouya! Razer acquires microconsole’s storefront, technical teamPakistan bans BlackBerry messaging, e-mail for “security reasons”Paper suggests impacts blasted off parts of Earth’s starting materialValve patches security hole that enabled takeover of Steam accountsScientists build single-molecule transistor gated with individual atomsHologram performance shut down by police at hip-hop festivalSomeone has finally made a portable Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t suckSo far, WordPress denied 43% of DMCA takedown requests in 2015GM’s Heritage Collection: fuel cells, EVs, concept cars, and moreAndroid Auto secrets hint at vehicle diagnostic app, expanded car integrationEbola created a public health emergency—and we weren’t ready for itThey grow up fast: Apple quietly bulks up Swift and Xcode in year twoWhat to watch during the Summer Games Done Quick speedrun marathonGallery: from nets to lasers, there’s a lot of new ways to take down dronesWe had no idea! An appreciation of science’s discoveriesNintendo will pull plug on Wii U’s TVii service August 11The R9 Fury is AMD’s best card in years, but just who is it for?Judge crucifies sheriff over his blitzkrieg on’s sex adsResearchers claim they’ve developed a better, faster TorAT&T gets DirecTV merger approval, must deploy fiber to 12.5M customersPlanes, trains, and automobiles up close from afar with Nikon’s 83× zoomPorn studio asks judge to ban talk about “copyleft” blogs at trialHow Comcast stopped employees from changing your name to “A**hole”What amateurs can learn from security pros about staying safe onlineFiat Chrysler recalls 1.4 million cars over remote hack vulnerabilityHands-on with the new Doom: The detail of Doom 3, the speed of Doom 2LAPD cop gets 3 years in jail for beating suspect caught on dashcamMeasuring the heck out of shale gas leakage in Texas