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The Ugly Conservative Tactic of Brutally Attacking Individuals, Even Kids, Instead of IdeasAmanda Marcotte/AlterNetStudy Finds Men Are Twice as Likely to Take Selfies as WomenJenny Kutner/The Ugly Wal-Mart Truth: Managers Treat the Workers Like DirtAlyssa Figueroa/AlterNet“They Can Do Whatever the F*** They Want”: Inside the FBI’s Disturbing Quest For Domestic TerroristsLindsay AbramsSalonEverything You Wanted to Know About the Rise of Anilingus (But Were Afraid to Ask)Kali HollowayAlterNetCancer Criminals: The Shady World of People Faking Cancer OnlineJenna GlatzerAlterNetThis Week in Religion: Huckabee Claims God Blessed Him, and Mormons Back LGBT RightsDan ArelAlterNetThe Truth About Union Organizing: It's Much Better Than You ThinkPaul BoothThe American ProspectBrewmaster in Chief: Obama Breaks New Ground With Honey Brown AleMelissa KravitzAlterNetA Bunch of GOP 2016 Candidates Are Insane Climate Deniers -- Is the Media Going to Be 'Objective' About It?Eric BoehlertMedia Matters for AmericaWhoa, 2.8 Million New Jobs? How Guaranteed Paid Sick Days Could Seriously Improve the EconomyDean BakerAlterNet10 Reasons Christian Heaven Would Actually Be HellValerie TaricoAlterNetThe Sex Trafficking Sham: No, There's No Uptick of Sexual Slavery Around the Super BowlTara BurnsAlterNetTexas GOP-er Proposes Law Allowing Teachers to Kill Students Who Threaten School PropertyZaid JilaniAlterNetMitt Romney Says He Won't Run for President AgainTom McCarthyThe GuardianLoretta Lynch Schooled the Wing Nuts: How the Right Failed to Wound Obama's AG NomineeHeather Digby PartonSalonMichael Moore: Yes, Clint Eastwood Threatened to Kill MeZaid JilaniAlterNetWhy the Macho Sludge Peddled by 'American Sniper' Is Really CowardiceDavid MasciotraAlterNetWhy CodePink Calls Kissinger the Real 'Low-life Scum'Medea BenjaminAlterNetWATCH: Jon Stewart Lays Bare the NFL's Totally Messed Up PrioritiesJanet AllonAlterNetWhy a Dad Is Fighting to Keep Unvaccinated Kids Out of SchoolMary Elizabeth WilliamsSalon10 Facts That Will Blow Right-Wingers' MindsRichard RiisDaily KosWatch: Seattle Cop Pepper-Sprays Teacher Directly in Face For Walking Too CloseTravis GettysRaw StoryThe Country That Refuses to Bow Down to Western BankersLynn Stuart ParramoreAlterNetHow One Man Helped 10,000 People With Serious Drug ProblemsTony NewmanAlterNetRevealed: Gov't Surveillance Is Much More Developed Than You ThoughtOliver LaughlandRory CarrollThe GuardianHow Asia's Brutal Privatization Drives Are Creating Misery For Its PeopleN. GunasekaranProgressive Populist'The Hunting Ground': How Colleges Cover Up RapeAmy GoodmanDemocracy Now!You Should Eat a Cricket: It's Far Less Gross Than What's in Most American FoodMelissa KravitzAlterNet'They Could Have Retreated'—Why It's Time the Police Use this New TacticHeather Digby PartonSalonThugs and Demagogues: 7 Right-Wing Wackos the Media Will Shove Down Our Throats in 2016Steven RosenfeldAlterNetWhy We Get Bored and Disenchanted by Relationships -- And How to Fix ThatRyan HowesPsychotherapy NetworkerWATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks Koch Brothers $900 Million Campaign Pledge—'Behold Our Benevolent Overlords'Janet AllonAlterNetUnsavory: The Problem With Angry Vegans Who Push and Preach Their IdealsStefanie Sacks, MS, CNS, CDNAlterNet"American Sniper’s" Biggest Lie: Clint Eastwood Has a Delusional Fox News ProblemSophia A. McClennenSalonIs Fox News Spewing More Lies Than Ever?Travis GettysRaw StoryCan Cool Pope Francis Change the Catholic Church?David AtkinsAlterNetKristen Schaal Talks Directly to Jon Stewart's Balls in Defense of 'Manspreaders'Kali HollowayAlterNetJim Hightower: JPMorgan CEO's Whining For Pity Is So MisguidedJim HightowerAlterNetBilly Graham's Son Is One of America's Most Dangerous IslamophobesBill BerkowitzBuzzflash at TruthOutTeenage Girl Shot & Killed by Police; Eyewitness Exposes a Key Police LieShaun KingDaily Kos5 Devastating Facts About Charter Schools You Won't Hear from the 'National School Choice Week' Propaganda CampaignLaurie LevyAlterNetPeople With No Religion Underrepresented By a Factor of 100 in New CongressZaid JilaniAlterNetI Do Not Care About Your BabyJonathan NaymarkSalonFox News Is Helping the GOP Disingenuously Rebrand Itself As the Party of the Middle ClassOlivia Kittel6 Unexpected Blessings of Mental IllnessJonathan FriesenHuffington PostWhy Sarah Palin Running for President Is a Great Thing for AmericaJeb LundThe GuardianHow Heroin Became the Face of Drug Addiction in Small-Town AmericaAllegra KirklandAlterNetThe Nightmare Libertarian Project to Turn This Central American Country Into Ayn Rand's ParadiseMike LaSusaAlterNetPotential GOP Presidential Nominee Says Bakers Who Oppose Gay Marriage May Poison Wedding CakesZaid JilaniAlterNetAlterNet Comics: How Cops' Rights Differ From Everyone Else'sKeith KnightAlterNetThe 13-Year-Old Boy Who Grew Up In a Georgia PrisonShaun KingDaily KosThis Black Man Was Shot to Death by the Cops After Calling Police for HelpJim ChambersAlterNetWATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks Cable TV Freakout Over the Snowpocalypse That Wasn’tAllegra KirklandAlterNetHow We Lost Track of Real Happiness -- and Where to Find It NowSarah van GelderBerrett-Koehler PublishersMoreEverything You Wanted to Know About the Rise of Anilingus (But Were Afraid to Ask)Kali HollowayAlterNetWhich Cut of Meat Is Least Likely to Make You Sick?Kiera ButlerMother Jones“They Can Do Whatever the F*** They Want”: Inside the FBI’s Disturbing Quest For Domestic TerroristsLindsay AbramsSalonWhy We Tell Our Secrets to StrangersOliver BurkemanThe GuardianLoretta Lynch Schooled the Wing Nuts: How the Right Failed to Wound Obama's AG NomineeHeather Digby PartonSalonMichael Moore: Yes, Clint Eastwood Threatened to Kill MeZaid JilaniAlterNetMitt Romney Says He Won't Run for President AgainTom McCarthyThe GuardianWhy CodePink Calls Kissinger the Real 'Low-life Scum'Medea BenjaminAlterNetTexas GOP-er Proposes Law Allowing Teachers to Kill Students Who Threaten School PropertyZaid JilaniAlterNetWATCH: Jon Stewart Lays Bare the NFL's Totally Messed Up PrioritiesJanet AllonAlterNetWatch: Seattle Cop Pepper-Sprays Teacher Directly in Face For Walking Too CloseTravis GettysRaw StoryNative American School Children Taunted with Slurs, Sprayed with Beer at South Dakota Hockey GameJen HaydenDaily Kos'They Could Have Retreated'—Why It's Time the Police Use this New TacticHeather Digby PartonSalonThe Sex Trafficking Sham: No, There's No Uptick of Sexual Slavery Around the Super BowlTara BurnsAlterNetMarissa Alexander Has Been Released from Prison—But She Still Isn't FreeSadhbh WalsheThe Guardian

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Ukraine peace talks collapse, Kiev and separatists trade blame - ReutersNew ISIS Video Purports to Show Beheading of Japanese Reporter - ABC NewsISIS admits defeat in Kobani for the first time, blaming US warplanes ... - National PostNow Markets Get to Vote on Greece's New Government - Wall Street JournalSergio Mattarella elected new Italian President - CTV NewsEgypt court rules Hamas armed wing 'terror group' - Daily TimesSuspected US drone strike kills al Qaeda militants in Yemen - ReutersAnger, mourning in Pak after mosque bombing - The Indian ExpressIslamic State's chemical expert killed - ARA NewsIslamic State seizes oil facility in northern Iraq, 15 workers missing - Times of India

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Indonesian Muslim cleric condemns selfies; Indonesian women are all, like, LOL as if!Vladimir Putin's daughter executes sweet dance moves, runs part of new $1.6B sci-tech incubatorGentleman from Aryan Brotherhood who pocketed $6 of Hot Pockets at Walmart gets felony theftTransparency, Wichita-styleShameless: rogue Lords sneak Snooper's Charter back in AGAINPatrick Costello: the deaf, copyfighting Merry God of BanjoStreet Angel: That Explains Everything!These 4 videos prove Russians rock out harder than anyone else in the worldDesk job for racist Seattle cop who arrested 70-year-old black man for carrying a golf clubSony Pocket AM/FM Radio - $13 and no service contract!AOL really is killing off TUAW and Joystiq“The Australian Open is on TV, which means my Golden Retriever is in heaven.”All dogs go to heaven. And all dogs grieve, when a loved one dies.Puppy is terrified by owner making fart noisesWe honestly have no idea what to say about this weird martial arts demo.Watch Paige Alms and other surfing greats tackle insane Hawaiian winter Join the bone marrow registry. Be the match. Save a life. It's quick, easy and fun.Watch this demo of camera mechanics at 10,000 frames per secondThis interactive web graphic may cost Mitt Romney all future presidential hopesMusic: "I Can't Dance," Genesis (1992)Listen: Marlene Dietrich plays musical saw (with bonus Star Trek theme)I like my cutting boards that can be sterilized in a microwaveMan pepper sprayed for walking past policeDachshund + Pitbull: greatest dog breed everWatch this hilarious promo for millennial-themed #@THEGYMTo do in Tucson & Phoenix: the Arizona Theater Company presents: "Five Presidents"If you have the right kind of poop, you can sell it for $13,000 a yearNazis train giant ape to destroy Wonder WomanFlashing LED-equipped dice that light up on critical hitsChain mail scrubber for cast iron pots and pans

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Earth's soil to be observed by DIRTY-MINDED satelliteSnapchat jihadist-fearing peers return with LAST GASP Snoopers' Charter demandGrav wave tsunami NOT caused by Big Bang – astro boffinsCuddly robots, whipsmart laughs and plenty of heart in <i>Big Hero 6</i>Google Now now SLURPS data from 40 third party apps so YOU don't have to<i>Bitter Lake</i>: Know your enemy? Impossible, surely, when you don't know if the enemy exists'Boutique' ISPs: Snub the Big 4 AND get great service<i>Nothing is True and Everything is Possible</i>, <i>Dead Girl Walking</i> and <i>Chasing the Scream</i>Living with a Renault Twizy: Pah! Bring out the HOVERCRAFTBYOD is NOT the Next Biggest Thing™: Bring me Ye Olde LappetoppeDoes your mate send smut vids on Facebook? 1. That's a bit weird. 2. It may be malwareMicrosoft tells big biz: No free Windows 10 for you, crack wallets openAT&amp;T, Dish, Verizon's mobile broadband bids slash US debt by 0.13%Silk Road trial latest: Ulbricht's Gmail addy appeared on ad for ' for drugs'You must have at least 8 inches for Windows 10 to go all the waySuper-cookie crumbles: Verizon will kill off hated zombie stalkersSorry, admins: Microsoft says NO new Windows Server until 2016Intel brings Broadwell to businesses with 5th-gen Core chips with vProUS Ambassador: No, net neutrality will NOT allow the UN to seize control of the internet from usQLogic hits all-flash bullseye, doubles profitTeen whiz exposes WhatsApp profile pic privacy blunder bugTesla bumps up Model S P85D acceleration – with software updateThree to pleasure bumpkins with 800MHzEmulex ends seven-quarter run of lossesQuantum of Suspicion: Despite another $29m, D-Wave doubts remainFujitsu slapped down in Land of the FALLING YENUK official LOSES Mark Duggan shooting discs IN THE POSTApple CEO: Fandroids are BINNING Android in favour of IPHONESGoogle forced to – wah! – OBEY the LAW with privacy policy tweaksSmartphones merge into homogeneous mass as 'flagship fatigue' bitesMobe-hungry BT's sales slip over Xmas amid EE buyout silenceWheeee! BT preps for FIVE HUNDRED MEGABIT broadband trialOracle is BETTER at cloud than everyone else so NER, shouts Hurd (no Katz)Undead nights: Zombie FPS <i>Dying Light</i> shines brightSky sidles up to O2, whispers: 'Fancy a little FOUR-PLAY?'Synths of the father: Making some noise at NAMM 2015UK watchdog grills big biz: So HOW do you use their 'consumer data'?HP: We're gonna book $1bn worth of Server 2003 sales THIS WEEKPrivacy alert: Outlook for iOS does security STUPIDLY, says devAlibaba's magic cave empties as it misses revenue targetEMC grows new 'Enterprise Content Division'Wham, bam... premium rate scam: Grindr users hit with fun-killing chargesQuantum adds cloud tier to StorNextA docket, tweet and selfie can reveal your identity, boffins findOH HAPPY DAY! Lawyers replaced by AIReddit: Don't worry, we didn't tell that foreign government about your /r/brony addictionHey, America. Canada's watchdog just slapped net neutrality rules on wireless internetWe take bots down, but they get up again – you're never going to keep them downiTunes Connect does developer shuffleAmazon, flush with cash, says it will let you peek inside AWS' pants


Guy gets run over by an SUV, assaults assisting deputy, and tries to steal cruiser even after getting tased twice. And how was your night?"What did he say?" "He said the waitress is near"City reacts to high speed street racing crash by posting radar sign to flash "slow down" at street racersMan facing a lifelong ban from Britain's Parklife festival after bragging on Facebook he was going to sell all dozen of his tickets to the 2015 festival at triple the priceWoman accused of stealing her stepmother's bag. Not everything can be a Cinderella storyPolice investigating the 9th death of an Appalachian State student this year. Officials advise everyone to remain calm, but call 9-1-1 immediately if any University of Michigan alumni are sighted in the area"Direct descendants of the Hatfields and McCoys are producing legal moonshine, the start of a new legacy for the families made famous for their 19th-century feud"The science of itching. This headline made you scratchPhotoshop this furniture moveDo you know why I pulled you over? Not really, I'm a cop so please explain? *TIRE SQUEAL*The Midwest and Northeast brace for SNOWMAGEDDON II: THE REVENGE as a winter storm approaches just in time for Groundhog Day. Will Bill Murray escape purgatory? Will we keep the internet? OH GOD AM I OUT OF COFFEE?There was a time when Republicans believed in equal rights for women and defending the Republic against fascismWoman gets fifteen years in prison for manslaughter after she decided to drink and drive, crashing into a poolside cabana and killing a pregnant woman in 2012. The woman, now pregnant, thought she would gain sympathyHow the avocado went from an essential part of Mexican cooking to America's favorite fruit. Well, it's more like a vegetable; it's all just semantics, right?Shut down, crapDogs save factory worker's life after he falls into coma. Submitter wants a job where there is so little supervision that he can fall into a coma without anyone noticingLike mother, like daughterThe most popular food on Super Bowl Sunday is: A) Chicken wings B) Pizza C) VegetablesThe first time you visit Canada, brace yourself for milk in bags, moose alerts, and people who know the proper way to line up in publicBritish police are threatening snowball throwers with ASBOsIf you're going to take it upon yourself to be a border vigilante and march around the Arizona desert looking for illegals, make sure you don't pull a gun on an undercover sheriff deputyLooks like traffic was **puts on sunglasses** scrambledPark in a space you didn't personally shovel out? Fall River Man will shoot ya up (fall river man, fall river man)So, when did we stop "surfing"? Because nobody, and I mean nobody, still says they surf the internetCommando IS NOT AN OPTIONAlabama trucker reminder: If you suddenly need to pull out a tooth while driving, please use a designated rest areaBeing poor is awfully expensive"The restaurant Guest Service Manager or Lovin' Lead will explain that McDonald's is doing something special that day, and the customer will be given the option to pay for his or her order with an act of Lovin' instead"Photoshop this amphibious assaultAlaska newspaper: "Are Americans now so clueless they have to be told to put on warm clothes before going out the in the cold?"Little Mews Rescue (a non profit, 501(c)3 no-kill rescue organization run by a couple of awesome farkers) has finally made the headlines, just time to hope they get some much needed help on Caturday♪♫ Anti-vaxxers gave their precious snowflake his goodbyes / And put him on the Wolverine up to Annandale / Now there's measles and the loonies are quite surprised / To find him in a quarantine for their science fail ♪♫Now THIS is how you sell a used 2001 Honda Civic on CraigslistBurglar breaks windows of liquor store to steal...Keystone? God, so many applicable tagsI'm not saying there's aliens in a spacecraft circling around this asteroid but there's aliens in a spacecraft circling around this asteroidRide finding services are about to see an Uber Lyft in their operating costThey call him Flipper, Flipper, slut of the sea (might be not safe for work)Call-blocking technology hailed by the FTC as the best available is banned from virtually every major telephone company. This is why we can't have nice thingsThey bring a gun, you bring a gasoline hose. It's the Milwaukee wayJury awards woman 1.5 million dollars after she transforms from promising student to dominatrix after a car accident (SFW pics)Photoshop this prissy princessHave you ever wondered why your parents favor your aloof younger sibling? It's because you're not as funny, you uptight dick. Here's the science3 men find rabid raccoon and their first instinct is to pick it up and take a cellphone videoSisi runs home after fight with Brothers. Telling mom and airstrikes to followFlorida conservative radio producer claims the child porn he shared with undercover police was definitely someone else's and so were the 500 images on his computerTwo people are creating a pre-school. For adultsIt's winter, so remember: Avoid hot showersMan reunited with stolen dog during search for new petCops probably won't be sympathetic if you call 911 to complain about the security guards harassing you for shopliftingIf you're going to make your fiancée sign a prenup before you get married it has to be in a language that she can readPhotoshop this abandoned mallAre you depressed because you binge watch, or do you binge watch because you're depressed?Fark Quiz #404: Correct answers not foundWhat do you get when you cross a pit bull with a dachshund?"We're doing something called the 'Fark 2.0 initiative', which is us trying to snag more kids over the next five years"Prosecutors drop domestic violence charges against George Zimmerman after the victim recants. Well I say we all owe Mr. Zimmerman a big apology for even thinking he was capable of such a violent actUm, yeah, check out this lightning strike in the eye of a cycloneThe Taliban are outraged, OUTRAGED, that the White House won't acknowledge them as being a terror group, so they kill three Americans. Presidential spokesperson blames Bush, saying "Bush labeled them as terrorists, this administration did not"Making immature decisions--like putting porn on iPads at the local Tesco--is no way to go through life, dadHealth Department form for new parents requesting birth certificates asks if the "woman giving birth" is male or femaleMan is told he can't change his name to Superhero - but Ninja is OK (pic)Don't you just hate it when your pilot gets locked out of the cockpit halfway through your flight?Sorority woman: We're just living sex toysHere it is: The only tipping guide you'll ever need. And it's accurate; it has the mandatory 20% for waitstaff at restaurantsGeorgia has plenty of jobs. That Americans refuse to do. "We have 100 people who quit every week"Usually a police stop does not warrant much, but it is a whole different story when there is a dead guy in the backseatRomney 3.0 is only vaporwareFirst White Castle in Las Vegas open to huge crowds. Kind of pointless saying 'This is why we can't have nice things' when it comes to VegasParking meters in Bloomington, Indiana don't work because they're clogged with crow shiat. Brandon Lee unavailable for commentSouth Africa frees de KockMinnesota introduces bill to keep police body camera videos private because, you know, it could be embarrassingTelemarketer finally does something usefulIt's getting real in the south of EnglandHello mullah, hello fatwah, greetings from camp, intifadaPizza condoms create a dilemma for those who love pizza but hate wearing condoms"Jihadists are wankers who are obsessed with porn"NPR has just realized it's possible to get arrested for resisting arrest and have no other charges filed against youSalon claims victory over trolls by redefining trolls as "people they've already banned"Thing happens. Details to followKen Starr, the man who spent $30 million investigating Clinton's sex life, has a new job helping pedophile billionaires escape justiceJordan to ISIS: "Kill our pilot, we'll hang all your guys that we have in our prisons"Indian police baffled by "skeleton sacks." To be fair, most people don't understand fashion modelsDrinking wine while dangling 9,000 feet above the French Alps in a ski gondola that's been converted into micro-chalet sounds like a great idea. Until you realize your living quarters has no toiletsPhotoshop what's really happening hereBandits steal several gold nuggets during armed heist of Wells Fargo. This is not a repeat from 1852Dartmouth abolishes rum & the lashOne of the last four Doolittle Raiders flies off into the rising sunWile E. Coyote (Super Genius) inspires new way to diagnose concussionsPolice bust a man for hiding cocaine inside his prosthetic limb. Legal observers say he doesn't have a leg to stand onPoll shows that people in Pennsylvania favor things that see no good, hear no good, and do no goodSince the F-35 has been such a resounding success, the DOD has now begun accepting ideas for its successorBaby goat beheaded; another goat taken. Wait, I can rent a goat?New York pizza snobbery is annoying and Chicago hot dog snobbery is just dumb, but when it comes to chili, everything is snobbier in Texas♫ The wheels on the bus go round and round, round an...*THUD*...The wheels on the bus go bye bye bye ♫Does the government really need to fund free pregnancy tests inside the women's bathroom at bars?Four middle school students facing charges for throwing a "sex party" for their friendsSince so much attention is always given to people who go down Niagra Falls, let's give a little love for a man who just went up Niagra FallsNew poll finds that most people aren't scientistsIt turns out all this time Shaggy was taking God's name in vain everytime he uttered, "Gadzooks" or "Zounds"Oregon State coed cited for filming Beaver video in school library, officials claim "It's not clear who got it up there"{2}

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High-speed camera reveals details of potassium-water explosionThe NFL wants you to think these things are illegalWelcome to my sit-stand desk nightmareGoogle changes UK privacy policy, but avoids hefty fineOrchid mantis’ astonishing camouflage isn’t especially orchid-likeWhat Windows as a Service and a “free upgrade” mean at home and at workMore Comcast customers write in, report name changes of “whore,” “dummy”Marriott says it won’t try to use “legal Wi-Fi security measures” againA virtual day with 750 pinball and arcade games, no quarters neededCritical Ghost bug could haunt WordPress and PHP apps, tooAT&T and Verizon dwarf T-Mobile in biggest ever spectrum auctionReddit got 55 user data requests in 2014, complied over half the timeNew e-mail shows feds considered snooping on cars parked at gun showsLife is Strange Episode One review: Trying and retrying new thingsWoman sues Uber in US over rape by driver in New DelhiHave a scientific problem? Steal an answer from natureHomeland Security nabs $19.5 million in “unsafe” NFL fan gearComcast now has more than half of all US broadband customersSega cuts hundreds of jobs in PC/mobile-focused restructuringAre climate models biased?LibreOffice 4.4 brings better looks and OpenGL to your presentationsSilk Road trial: How the Dread Pirate Roberts embraced violenceCBS reporter’s “hack” caused by stuck backspace key, says US govtAmazon reports modest Q4 earnings and 2014 loss, but stock soarsCollision avoidance predicts pedestrians’ behaviorData caps can’t be used to snuff out competition, Canada ruling saysNew survey shows extent of scientists’ divide with the publicReport: Alibaba pumps $10 million into Ouya microconsole to launch in ChinaPatent litigation over human gene breast cancer testing is endingSqueezing a playable chess program into 487 bytesFCC chairman mocks industry claims that customers don’t need faster InternetiTunes Connect bug logs developers in to other developers’ accounts at random [Updated]Microsoft to invest in Cyanogen, which hopes to take Android from GoogleSleazy “revenge porn” site is banished to settle federal chargesClinton courting Obama campaign tech team members for 2016Rosetta spacecraft catches pieces as comet sheds its dusty crustNintendo to share up to 70 percent of ad revenue with game YouTubers“Nation’s first” smart gun symposium talks safety, risks, and delaysNetflix-like payments to ISPs could be reviewed but not banned by FCCOn OkCupid, Ross Ulbricht was a “scientist turned entrepreneur”