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Student Activists Hold a “Shit-In” for Gender Neutral BathroomsAlyssa FigueroaAlterNetCorporate Propagandist Richard Berman Secretly Taped Bragging About How He Smears ProgressivesSteven RosenfeldAlterNetWe Have All Had a Jian Ghomeshi in Our LifeEmily GouldSalonActually, Hillary Clinton Is Neither a Plutocrat Nor a PopulistJoe ConasonAlterNetSouth Rising: African-American Vote Surges in Georgia, Eclipsing 2010 NumbersZaid JilaniAlterNetRising Ocean Temperatures Put Maine Shrimp Harvests at RiskCliff WeathersAlterNetWalmart Is Selling an Incredibly Offensive 'Islamic' Halloween CostumeZaid JilaniAlterNetPaul Krugman on Why the West Has Messed Up Far Worse than JapanJanet AllonAlterNetWATCH: Jon Stewart Sings the Blues to Texas Democrats—'You Poor Bastards'Janet AllonAlterNetBaseball Star Invokes Martin Luther King Jr. in Anti-Gay Political AdCliff WeathersAlterNetApple's Tim Cook: 'I Consider Being Gay Among the Greatest Gifts God Has Given Me'Rupert NeateAlex HernThe GuardianAmerica's Drones Are Still Killing Scores of InnocentsRep. Alan GraysonRobert GreenwaldBrave New FilmsWhen Abortion Is Illegal In Your Country, This Activist Group Can Sail to You to Provide the ProcedureJessica ValentiThe GuardianDemocrats and Civil Rights Groups Urge People of Color to Vote, Citing GOP Racism and Voter SuppressionSteven RosenfeldAlterNetGun Nuts Sink to New Depths: How My Town's Fight Against "Open Carry" Revealed Their Horrifying TacticsAmanda BaileySalonmore

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Burkina Faso: 2nd soldier says he's president - Chron.comOne pilot dead, one parachutes to ground in SpaceShipTwo test-flight failure - CNNCanada restricts visas amid Ebola scare - Deutsche WelleMarine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi freed from Mexican jail, immediately returns to ... - Fox NewsPolice on high alert at Temple Mount after Fatah calls for 'day of rage' - Jerusalem PostUN: Growing Number of Foreigners in Terror Groups - ABC NewsHungary suspends Internet tax after huge protests - Chron.comMalaysia Airlines sees first lawsuit on missing Flight MH370 - Reuters CanadaBoko Haram denies ceasefire claim by Nigeria's government - BBC NewsKiev Threatens to Cut off Gas Supply to Donbas - RIA Novosti

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Secret recording of corporate lobbyist is a dirty-tricks playbookNZ Trade Minister: we keep TPP a secret to prevent "public debate"How Rupert Murdoch could compete with Amazon Video and NetflixWATCH: Handmade stop-motion horror from ABCs of Death 2Big Hero 6 jack-o-lanternThings Fitting Perfectly Into ThingsWATCH: Zaouli dance from Ivory CoastWATCH: Hypnotic drone footage of Mentawai Islands surfingA warm notice from the Star Hotel in ChinaSwype, smartphone replacement keyboard, available for IOS 8WATCH: You probably need more hedgehog Vines in your lifeRestoring Ecosystems to Reverse Global Warming conference, Medford, Mass, Nov 21-23WATCH: Origami expert creates "impossible" computer-generated shapeVirgin Galactic test flight crashes, one reported deadWATCH: FBI has chat with YouTuber for filming in Speedo on planeGrease Monkey Gorilla Grip gloves: thin, durable, grippy glovesCourt rules that Touch ID is not protected by the 5th AmendmentChelsea Handler: Instagram's nipple policy is sexistGallery of objects that fit pleasingly into spacesKitten rescued after getting head stuck in wheelFrench town bans clownsThe Muppet Show Halloween special with Vincent PriceWhy scratching an itch only makes it worseDebuting "Shudders," MC Frontalot's spooky new video10 classic ads from the sugar and cereal industriesNo Such Thing – charming kids' ghost story with a deadpan sense of humorHomeworx HD AntennaPublic Enemy to reissue legendary albumsBob Kane's Grave, the Hand of God, and BatmanIndispensable BBC/OU series on cybercrime starts tomorrow

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Scientists uncover Afghan VAMPIRE DEER!Virgin Galactic vows to continue space program after 'serious anomaly'Samsung says teaming up with mobe-maker Microsoft could violate antitrust lawMicrosoft jolts awake, remembers it still makes Office for MacFacebook lifts Tor ban, offers encrypted onion access pointVirgin's SpaceShipTwo crashes in Mojave Desert during test flightInsight: Tech market's stabilising, time to start hiring againSky ponders 200,000-customer MVNO 'trial'. Soft launch, anyone?OFFICIAL: Fondling of Apple's slab declines – iPad sales DOWN in Q3PureStorage flies flash arrays into OpenStack cloudsMore Home Office and MoJ jobs could move abroad, union warnsDDN sails into Amazon clouds, adds Wonderful S3 for WOSFujitsu Services ordered to reveal size of pay scale for ALL TECHIESTrolls pop malformed heads above bridge to hurl abuse at Tim CookMarc Benioff tethers Salesforce cloud to BlightySamsung launches 'perfect pair' of skinny mid-range phonesSeth Rogen bags Woz role in Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopicGoogle’s dot-com forget-me-not bomb: EU court still aiming at giantDR LIPS warns: DON'T KISS that NEWT - it's got FLESH-EATING PLAGUEFacebook sticks vid ads on faux retro photo app biz InstagramHands on: Implementing Azure Active DirectoryPopular Science site shrugs off malicious code infectionHungary PM ditches internet tax plans after mass protestsPixel mania: Apple 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display<i>How</i> many telecoms firms left in Europe? Another mega-billion deal slated in FranceOne hard ghoulie: 1985's <i>Ghosts 'n Goblins</i>Microsoft patches GroupMe 'full account' hijack holeFacebook says vendor secrets forced it to homebrew switchesFree government-penned crypto can swipe identitiesSo long, thanks for all the, FISH BRIGHTER than boffins thoughtMulti Jet Fusion: THAT's HP's promised 3D printer, not crazy 'leccy inventionGoogle heads out the back with rifle, puts down POODLEFIFTEEN whole dollars on offer for cranky Pentium 4 buyersMicrosoft gets storage QoS and software-defined storage religionPlasma-spaffing boffins plan spaceships driven by FRIKKIN' LASERSDesktop Linux users beware: the boss thinks you need to be managedGoogle's Mr Roboto Andy Rubin bids <i>sayonara</i> to Chocolate FactorySony borks fanboi funboxes with dodgy PS4 updateDanish court finds Pirate Bay cofounder guilty of hacking CSC serversCoreOS offers private Docker container registries for world+dogBrazil greenlights $200m internet cable to Europe in bid to outfox NSAVerizon set to pay $64 MEEELLION for overbilling customersLenovo completes Motorola purchase for $2.9bn – $10bn less than Google paid for itEE launches 150Mbps '4G+' in Central LondonBT: Consumers and cost cutting save the dayStruggling tape bods Quantum a few quids in after good quarterSamaritans 'suicide Twitter-sniffer' backfires over privacy concernsNHS quango fatcats spend £2m tax dosh on iPads and iPhonesWatch out, Samsung and Apple: Xiaomi's No 3 in smartphones nowProgramming Office 365: Hands On with Microsoft's new APIs


Alabama man robs four Subway sandwich shops because he was outraged the Jared diet didn't workAustralia urges its medical workers to volunteer to help with the Ebola outbreak, as it's safer than being in the same continent as all the wildlife of AustraliaFinland's first suspected Ebola patient confirmed to have the same strain of Ebola as everybody else suspected of having EbolaAnd now for your Halloween enjoyment, here's a 4-acre spider web inside a buildingAmateur sleuth believes the Zodiac Killer will soon be unmasked. No, really. This time for sureMan rowing across Atlantic attacked by pirates of the Caribbean, claims he only managed to survive once the pirates were attacked and killed by Disney copyright lawyersBefore you go trick-or-treating, here's I-Mockery's ultimate guide to the Halloween candies of 2014Your MONTHLY L.A. FARKER MEET-UP happens FRIDAY, NOV. 7th @ TRiP SANTA MONICA, ~8:00-ishWeHoe Fark partySince ebola probably isn't going to kill you after all, it's time to fearmonger about exploding TV standsMan found to have 5 million porn images, or as Farkers would say, "an amateur"Photoshop this guy playin' it coolNostalgic for London? Buy one of these paint cans full of London air and, presto, Bob's your uncleWhy is there a huge masturbation billboard over Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles?Police checking woman's phone for evidence of drug trafficking find instead videos of her having sex with a dog. AWKWARDThere are a lot of scary things going on in West Africa right now. Ebola, Boko Haram, Jamie Oliver, Burkina Faso. Wait, what?Anti-violence organizers arrested for beating roommate. It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife to stab someone withMentally ill man who stabbed a child on a soccer field will undergo more tests to make sure he's not faking itAs if Halloween wasn't scary enough: A guide to Homeowners' Liability for Injury to Trick or Treaters. Why yes, I am a blast at parties, why do you ask?Hen plays chicken with traffic and winsWho will we be coloring today, children? Could it be... SATANFrench town surrenders, bans anyone over the age of 12 from dressing up as a clown for Halloween to avoid crimes committed by "evil clowns"Americans spent $350 million on Halloween costumes this year. For their dogsAccording to Pew survey, 6% of atheists believe in God. Where's Inigo Montoya when you need him?Good Samaritans help gather cash from armored truck spill.... Hey, where'd they go?"The problem with that video?" White people. Well, the absence of white peopleIt's your Annual Fark Jack-O-Lantern Photoshop contestPolice seize a million dollars in Halloween candyAccording to a survey you are more likely to use your phone as an alarm clock than a phoneMonroe, MI Police need your help to find a missing white girl dressed like Batman's "Poison Ivy" who apparently left a costume party with Clark DukeGuy with Down Syndrome celebrating his 30th birthday is a huge Kid Rock fan, invites the singer to stop by. Kid Rock does--and sings him "Happy Birthday" and gives him signed photos and badass guitar"Imma let you finish, but Kanye West in law school is the greatest parody Twitter account of all time"And now, the Halloween Edition of the Fark Weird News Quiz. Don't worry about the scary screaming, that's just people looking at their scoresVirgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo explodes and crashes during a test flightRemember, guys, 'no' means 'no', and 'she's been spayed' does not mean 'yes'Israeli cartoonist, under fire for drawing Netanyahu flying a plane into an American building, claims he was unaware that Americans may be 'sensitive' about 9/11In terms of calories, one glass of wine = a donut and one can of beer = 3/4 hamburger. So every time you go out, you are effectively having an all-you-can-eat McDonalds and Krispy Kreme binge you fat bastardNothing is more terrifying this Halloween than the coming end of Daylight Savings time. Which will no doubt murder your familyWhile you were having trouble carving out a pair of eyes and a funny mouth on your pumpkin, this guy carved the Rosetta Stone on oneWith all the mysteries surrounding MH370, the one thing you can be sure of is that someone would sue everyone in sightNurse Nina Pham's dog does not have Ebola. How safe is your dog? Find out after weather and sportsPutin boob pics on Instagram is fine, but when it's a woman, they Handler differently (might be not safe for work)Eight of North America's oldest distilleries. Yes, it's a slide show, but it's not so bad if you're drinking grain alcoholTimburrrrrrrrrr-ouchTonight for Halloween you might hear some spooky stories, but this Australian surfer lived one. You might want to grab a new pair of pants for thisBust of John Denver missing after heavy metal ball. Skipper inconsolableUSA: Nobody can be dumber or more fearful about Ebola than us. Best Korea and Russia: Challenge acceptedMonty Python's biggest fan said earlier this year he wanted to meet a beautiful woman almost half his age who was as fanatical about the comic group as he is. No chance, we thought. But just look what happenedResearch shows a hot drink can make you seem friendlier. Alcoholic drinks still the only ones that make you seem more attractiveThe most popular Halloween candy in each state. Come on, New Mexico, get with the programCalifornia waited less than 24 hours to actually mandatorily quarantine an Ebola doctor. Let's see if anyone noticesFantasy hunting trip goes awry when three Des Plaines men get sick after eating a wild boar. "They looked so bad we could only recognize them by their tattoos," said a wife of one of the menStudy finds 30% of shrimp products mislabeled. Bubba, Forrest inconsolableOregon family makes elaborate costumes for boy in wheelchair. What, going out as simple Captain Pike wasn't good enough anymore?Photoshop this superheroThe season is upon us again: this is your annual Fark Scary Story Thread. Link goes to links for previous years' scary story threads. You submitted this with an Ebola and/or political headline"HOLY SMOKE, isn't that Jesus? Look busy"Christian decapitates friend because he practiced "witchcraft." Sounds like he snorted a pillar of bath saltsLee Harvey Oswald's alleged girlfriend writes book claiming they were both working undercover in New Orleans. Unknown why she sat on this intel for 51 freakin' yearsEleven Americans die at work every day. Enjoy your FridaySurvey finds life satisfaction higher in richer nations than poor nations, light satisfaction higher during daytime than at nightAt least from this perp's mugshot, you can tell what he wants to do in life{2}

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Cop charged with stealing nude pics from women’s phonesOne confirmed dead as Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo destroyed in test flight [Updated]One arrow of time to rule them all?Country by country, Europe falls in and out of love with a “Google tax”Virginia judge: Police can demand a suspect unlock a phone with a fingerprint“The Devil had possessed his netbook”—and other tales of IT terrorNew Outlook for Mac shines, but licensing confusion gets in the wayFacebook offers hidden service to Tor usersConsumer Windows 7 preinstalls come to an end todayAndy Rubin, the founder of Android, leaves GoogleDrupal sites had “hours” to patch before attacks startedAfter massive Danish hack, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg sentenced to 3.5 yearsUpdated numbers show PS4 with at least 65 percent of two-console marketA first look at the Microsoft BandA trip to Turn 10, the Forza studio merging car culture with gamesFCC reportedly close to reclassifying ISPs as common carriersPirate Bay co-founder convicted in Denmark’s “largest hacking case” everGoogle ordered to pay a woman $2,250 for Street View image showing cleavageMotorola is now officially part of LenovoRetailers accuse credit unions of talking smack about card breachesPS4 Share Play impressions: Here, have a laggy Internet controllerWhy is the new iMac 5K instead of 4K? It’s all about the video, babyNo one knows who’s been flying drones over French nuclear power plantsIn mice, genetics dictates Ebola infection outcomesFTC fines online dating service $616,000 for using “virtual cupids”VR is here to stay, and it’s going to change more than gamingLearn inflationary cosmology from the guy who invented itNintendo wants to watch you sleep… for science!IRS determined to get EA founder Hawkins to pay millions in back taxesResearchers evolve a molecule that flips the orientation of lifeUNITE live: How virtual reality is changing medicine, space explorationVerizon Wireless to pay back customers allegedly billed for free callsZuckerberg sees “50 to 100 million” Oculus units sold in next decadeAnita Sarkeesian goes on Colbert. You’ll totally believe what happens nextScare your neighbors with a spooky Halloween network nameApple CEO Tim Cook writes: “I’m proud to be gay”Copyright Office to consider 6th round of exemptions for dodging DRMBeyond gaming, the VR boom is everywhere—from classrooms to therapy couchesMicrosoft Band and Microsoft Health: The $199 all-platform fitness bandMicrosoft’s $199 fitness band, the Microsoft Band, leaked by app stores