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The New Corrupt Elite That Is Running Our EconomyLynn Stuart Parramore/AlterNetAre You THC Deficient?David McCullick/AlterNetHow Self-Described 'Whore Nation' Killed the TV Show '8 Minutes'Tara Burns/AlterNetDoes Burger King Think Domestic Violence is Funny?Michael ArriaAlterNetA Former Sex Slave’s Terrifying Ordeal: 'As Soon as He Put the Blindfold On, I Knew Something Was Wrong'Tessie CastilloSalon5 Drug War Cops Who Outraged Us This Week: Jail Guards Gone Wild EditionPhillip SmithAlterNetHebdo's Dubious PEN-Pals: Privileged Conservative PunditsJim SleeperAlterNet14 Heartbreaking Photos That Will Inspire You to RecycleCole Caught Sharing Customer DNA Data With Police With No WarrantJay SyrmopoulosThe Free Thought ProjectEmails Show American Psychological Association Secretly Worked with Bush Admin to Enable TortureAmy GoodmanDemocracy Now!Why Bernie Sanders' Presidential Bid Is the Real DealRobert BorosageCampaign for America's FutureA 5-Step Guide to the Police Repression of Protest From Ferguson to Baltimore and BeyondMichael Gould-WartofskyTomDispatchWho Is Bombing Whom in the Middle East?Robert FiskThe Independent5 Great Things That Have Happened for Bernie Sanders Since He AnnouncedMichael ArriaAlterNetRobert Reich: The Shady Corporate Trade Deal That's About to Make Life a Lot Worse for Ordinary AmericansRobert ReichAlterNetIs Solving Climate Change as Simple as Sucking Carbon Out of the Air?Tara LohanAlterNetGarland, Texas Is a Hotbed for Anti-Muslim BigotryZaid JilaniAlterNetThe Obscene Amounts of Money the 10 Highest-Paid Hedge Fund Managers Just MadeMichael ArriaAlterNetJon Stewart Mocks "Dallas Dipsh*t" Conspiracy TheoristsAlterNetAnother Brazen Challenge to the Federal Govt's Insane Marijuana Laws, From a Most Unlikely PlacePhillip SmithAlterNetAyaan Hirsi Ali's Islamic Hate ParadeRula JebrealSalonThe Serious Steps We're Going to Have to Take to Share the WealthRobert KuttnerThe American Prospect21 States Will Take Away Your Driver's License If You Can't Pay Your College Loans, But Activists Are Fighting BackMichael ArriaAlterNetAre We Really Supposed to Believe That Republicans Are Fixing the Govt.'s Mass Surveillance Agenda?Bill BlundenAlterNetCam Girls Tell All: 4 Kinky Ways Guys Like To Be HumiliatedCarrie WeismanAlterNetTop 10 Reasons Yoga Has Exploded into a National PastimeKathryn E. LivingstonHow to Rejuvenate a Rural CommunityJay WalljasperAlterNetFired Florida Police Officer With History of Violence Says Calling Black People 'Monkeys' Isn't RacistJoan ShippsRaw StorySheriff Shoots Real Estate Agent as She Shows House, Then Walks Away Because 'He’s the Sheriff'Matt AgoristThe Free Thought ProjectThe Growing China-Russia-Iran Strategic Alliance Has Got the Pentagon TremblingPepe EscobarAsia TimesSenator Kirsten Gillibrand: Military Is Under-Reporting Sexual Assault and May Be Intimidating VictimsTerrell Jermaine StarrAlterNetTexas Republican Wants Women to Carry Deceased Fetuses to Full TermLeslie SalzilloDaily KosOur Ayn Randian Dystopia: The Five-Step Process to Privatize EverythingPaul BuchheitAlterNetPaul Krugman on the Truly Devastating Lesson of BaltimoreJanet AllonAlterNetOne of the Dead Shooters in Texas Has Been Identified—Here's What We Know About HimTerrell Jermaine StarrAlterNetGay Couple Evicted from Airbnb by Their 'Straight-Friendly' HostsMary Elizabeth WilliamsSalonConservative Voters' Climate Denial Could Ruin GOP Presidential BidReynard LokiAlterNetWhy Scientology Should Have its Tax Exempt Status RevokedNeeraja ViswanathanAlterNetBaltimore’s New Plantations: Race, Police and How Little Things Have Changed Since Frederick DouglassCorey RobinSalonWhat It's Like Being a Male Sex Surrogate Helping Women Get Over Sexual DysfunctionCarrie WeismanAlterNetSam Harris Made Himself Look Like an Idiot in a Email Exchange with Chomsky and Has Shared It with the WorldAlterNet StaffAlterNetWhy the Trans Pacific 'Trade Deal' Is a Terrible Deal for American WorkersRobert ReichRobertReich.orgWATCH: YouTube Star Discusses Life with Two Vaginas in Refreshingly Candid VideoAlterNet StaffAlterNetThe U.S. Killing Machine Doesn't like Body Counts; It Prefers DenialTom EngelhardtTomDispatchBernie Sanders Calls For 'Political Revolution' Against Billionaire ClassMartin PengellyThe GuardianElizabeth Warren Exposes Cheesy, Sleazy Industry That Preys on Seniors' FinancesZaid JilaniAlterNetKeep the Money Coming: Hillary Clinton and Her Supporters Seem to Embrace Citizens UnitedDavid SirotaAlterNetAs Black And Brown People Protest Cop Killings, Whites Don't See Institutional RacismVanessa Baden KellyAlterNetDid This Fox Host Just Ask Black People Why They Don’t Riot When Police Officers Get Shot?David EdwardsRaw StoryAtlanta Cops Kill Woman, Say She Fired on them While Handcuffed in Back of Patrol CarMatt AgoristThe Free Thought ProjectMoreHow Self-Described 'Whore Nation' Killed the TV Show '8 Minutes'Tara BurnsAlterNetEmails Show American Psychological Association Secretly Worked with Bush Admin to Enable TortureAmy GoodmanDemocracy Now!Maryland Brutality Investigation Reform Fell Through One Month Before Freddie Gray’s DeathCaitlin GoldblattAlterNetHebdo's Dubious PEN-Pals: Privileged Conservative PunditsJim SleeperAlterNetWho Is Bombing Whom in the Middle East?Robert FiskThe IndependentChlamydia Outbreaks Hits Small Texas High School in a District With No Sex-Ed PolicyDavid EdwardsRaw Story'He Wants to Take Kansas Back Into the Dark Ages': Waitress Explains Why She Told Off Sam BrownbackLuke Caught Sharing Customer DNA Data With Police With No WarrantJay SyrmopoulosThe Free Thought ProjectThe New Corrupt Elite That Is Running Our EconomyLynn Stuart ParramoreAlterNetA 5-Step Guide to the Police Repression of Protest From Ferguson to Baltimore and BeyondMichael Gould-WartofskyTomDispatchObama Discusses Baltimore on Last David Letterman AppearanceAFPAnti-Government Right Goes Paranoid Over U.S. Military Training PlanBill MorlinSPLC's Hate WatchAudi Has Made a Carbon-Neutral Diesel, But Is It a Game-Changer?Robert RapierEnergy Trends InsiderRotten to the Core: The DEA Under Michele LeonhartNeville ElderThe FixBernie Sanders on Death Penalty: The State Shouldn't Be in the Business of Killing PeopleZaid JilaniAlterNet

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Charm offensive: David Cameron fights for career, and legacy, in Britain's knife ... - Fox NewsFour sentenced to death over Afghan mob-killing - BBC NewsLeftist Party in Alberta Ends Long Dominance of Conservatives - New York TimesGermany wants special treatment for its banks - Irish IndependentUS Aims to Make Iran Nuclear Deal Immune to Russian, Chinese Veto - The Moscow TimesObama expected to push for Gulf missile defense at US summit - ReutersAustralian leader brushes off snub to diplomat's gay partner - Washington PostUS Issues First Licenses for Ferry Links With Cuba - Wall Street JournalRussia: EU Does Not Want Ukraine Truce To Hold - RadioFreeEurope/RadioLibertyFrench parliament approves 'Orwellian' surveillance law in wake of Paris shootings - Business Standard

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50% off O'Reilly books for the International Day Against DRMTalent, practice and doing the hard stuffGiorgio Moroder - Déjà VuGrooveshark resurrected at grooveshark.io40-hour workweek dead in US, says surveyJeremy Renner insists that Black Widow is a slutCrowdfunding medical MDMA and magic mushroomsWhat's the widest lens you can put on a Micro Four Thirds camera?Sleepovers get brutal in this free pillow fighting gameKickstarting a second Oh Joy Sex Toy collectionMiyazaki films reimagined as woodblock printsNew Kids On The Block concert goer startlingly disappointedUnipiper as Star Wars new BB-8Theme tune for Tent CaterpillarsRoad in Bulgaria boasts wooden poleOpenRoad with Doug McConnellLunar Rover operations manual for free downloadThis is what Americans *don't* want in their presidentWhat insanity looks likeWomen's restroom symbol reimaginedBodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and TattooDEA agents who imprisoned student for 5 days without food or water receive wrist slapListen! Far out Moog music for your plantsLoretta Lynch is a win for the police state, says Glenn GreenwaldDeep Crossing, a free Adrian Tarn adventure on KindleIn the olden days, creepy men would give "acquaintance cards" to womenCaterpillar extends four appendages when people shout at itGummy bears in flightWhat it's like to share consciousness with an octopusMuseum of Shit opens in Italy

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Snowden scandal latest: NSA, GCHQ lingo-spies replaced by unstoppable RHINEHART robotsGreat, we all want 5G mobile broadband. Now just how are we gonna wire it all up?DEFCON 23 to host Internet of Things slaughterfestIt's beers and bacon all round for our Quid-A-Day Nosh PosseThree's 'Home Signal' femtocells fail, restore mobile black spotsSMACKDOWN: smut-seeding copyright troll labelled 'crooked' and 'extortionate'Borg boosts future cable broadband biz with DOCSIS 3.1 boxenARM joins the NFV race with virtual set-top box specTPG ups offer for iiNet to AU$1.56bn, includes clever cash kickerBoffins turns landfill WinPhones into microscopesOpenStack Daddy Chris C Kemp says it's like Linux in 1996Intel's latest Haswell Xeon E7 v3 CPUs land in Apollo and ProLiantCisco's Chambers: white box is dead and WE KILLED ITRed alert! Google's terrifying Borg machines to assimilate cluster-wrangling Omega codeHP lifts lid on Autonomy lawsuit claims, but Lynch cries BOLLOCKSNvidia ices Icera modem division, says it's leaving mobile chips bizAGL trumps Tesla with batteries-and-solar-cell packageDocker vs the container world: Techies rally around CoreOS-led specNetflix wipes blood of Comcast/TWC from its blade, charges toward AT&T/DirecTVPEAK PC: 'Most' Google web searches 'come from mobiles' in USNow Smartflash wants $1.6bn for its iTunes patents. Apple: You'll get nothing and like it!In a galaxy far, far away ... Boffins discover farthest ever star systemMerging HP and EMC – hold on, wait, hear us out. The cap is still on the bottle of crazy pillsIntel raises memory deflector shields in Xeon E7 processor refreshEMC to open-source ViPR - and lots of other stuff apparentlyiPhone case uses phone's OWN SIGNAL to charge it (forever, presumably)Security bods gagged using DMCA on eve of wireless key vuln revealTwitter boots out classic DOS games, world productivity surgesRound Two in Sky vs Skype trademark scrap goes to Murdoch's menFat cable bods Comcast belch contentedly, stroke bulging broadband bellyNew Tizen phone leaked: Remember it's not all just Android and iOSPacific nation accidentally does good thing in web crackdownFirm with 80 per cent of UK mobile numbers fails to monetise them, sold to O2EXTREME FEEDING: BLUE whales' gluttonous gobbling of fishy fluidsPi based kid-nerdifier Kano buried under freak cash avalancheApple Watch users suffer PAINFUL RASH after sweaty wristjob actionMetasploit maker Rapid7 gobbles web app security testing firmAtlantis kicks its flashy upstart brethren right in the price tagFacebook uses Nokia maps in mobes, Instagram and MessengerMicrosoft enlists fat-piper Equinix to pump Office 365Yow! It's the HOT NEW 'Collections' from Google! Oh wait ... it's a Google+ thingAccused Aussie game hacker flees to Europe ahead of trialMicrosoft discontinues Media Center with Windows 10Low price, big power: Virtual Private Server picks for power nerdsRelax, it's just Ubuntu 15.04. AARGH! IT'S FULL OF SYSTEMD!!!French BIONIC EYE sits IN your peeper, feeds infrared light into nervesNetflix looses FIDO hack attack dog as open sourceMars needs TRAFFIC COP to stop probe prangs, says NASA'Rombertik' malware kills host computers if you attempt a cureBoffins' ball barrage bombardment biffs bumbling bimble biped-bot


Female lifeguards in China fitted with "hidden" cameras to deter pervert swimmers who pretend to drownThe world's first self-driving semi truck hits the road, wait, wasn't there an 80s movie about this?Remember in '09 when a 14-year-old impersonated a Chicago police officer so well that he went out on patrol with another officer, and then he was charged in '13 for impersonating a police officer again? Well guess what he's in the news for this weekStill washing dishes before putting them in a dishwasher? You're doing it wrong. Here's the science, complete with graphNice work if you can get itOh no. Not againThe father of the Boston Bombing perpetrator had PTSD which is somehow relevant to the sentencingPhotoshop these ignored signsJustin Timberlake will go to great lengths to promote his Tequila brand, including dressing up as a gangster limeIf South Carolina drivers on Interstate 85 thought their commute this morning would be over easy, the yolks on them. Omelet you guess whyHow a controversial chicken ordinance, plastic flamingos, no-good teens, poison ivy, and psychological warfare combined to give us the most insane small-town Facebook thread you've ever readBehold: tequila-injected jalapenos dipped in chocolateJesus was all about healing the sick and feeding the poor, and also awarding extra video game points for killing transgender people. YepThe stethoscope: Perfect for checking a heartbeat, listening to breath sounds, or for choking out the physician assistant when he refuses to change your pain pill presciptionMan chops down 22 protected trees worth over $250k to improve the view from his property. OopsPhotoshop this unusual superheroThe predominate reaction at the Garland, TX mosque to the nearby shootings seemed to be the same one a lot of us are going with: "A plague on both your houses""United States of Drinking" host and food writer Joshua Ozersky dies at 47, after last being seen at a karaoke bar around 4 AM. With "Yeah, he probably died doing what he loved" picCalifornia drought is making the cats hornyIf you are gay, better lawyer up: You're being suedFruit is a part of a naturally balanced... oh, really? Fine. Fruit will make you fatNiles will finally repair Leaning Tower, learn how to iron pants without starting a fireQ: How not to look like an idiot on Cinco De Mayo? A: Don't treat it like St. Patrick's DayNewly-discovered 39-inch-long no-parking zone believed to be world's smallest (pics)Man arrested for pulling off a $51 million Ponzi scheme that had TJ Maxx as its centerpointIf you're getting married in Pennsylvania but have outstanding warrants, be aware that the local police DO read current wedding announcementsDuring the Cold War, a Russian surgeon in the Antarctic became ill with appendicitis and realised he would have to cut out his own appendixDo you love bacon? Do you really love bacon? Then maybe the job of bacon ambassador is for youWoman "2 drunk 2 care" jailed 24 yearsThat scary-looking guy loading bags onto your flight, the one they hired yesterday? You will be happy to know he isn't inconvenienced by security scans or checkpoints. Meanwhile, the TSA has confiscated your shampooPolice seek driver who said yes to the dressISIS claims responsibility for the Texas shootings that occurred at the Mohammed Cartoon Contest; also take responsibility for Kurt Cobain's death, Amelia Earhart's disappearance, and Hurricane AndrewBar owner on trial for serving Drew's usualWalmart: For the last time, no, the U.S. Government is not building secret tunnels under our stores as part of a grand conspiracy to invade itselfIf your favorite restaurant was suddenly redesigned to include more open kitchens, communal tables, and USB ports, you can thank a millennialIt's not even hurricane season yet, and already the only highway in the Outer Banks is surrendering to global warmingDo you know what makes hospitals infinitely better? When there are koalas wandering around inside themThat marathon running woman who kissed a guy at the start line and liked it and started a social media campaign to find him? She finally got a reply. From his wifeSerious disagreements in Atlanta could cause a meeting of Nobel Peace Laureates to relocate elsewhere. If only there was somebody from Georgia with experience in peace negotiationEver wanted Papa John's pizza so badly that you would barge into one and demand free pizza? This guy did, and went on a violent rampage on its employees when he didn't get anyDirector of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists goes full Ric Romero: You cannot drive and play the guitar at the same timeThomas Edison's 1890 talking dolls are talking again and IT SPEAKS FROM BEYOND KILL IT WITH FIREJapanese hotel offers "crying rooms" for women, Includes special selection of tear-jerking films. Still working out what kind of jerking films to offer in upcoming promotion for menCool: Chartering a limo for your prom. Much cooler: Chartering a train for your promPhotoshop theme: Create a new beverageMomster Inc. She scares because she caresArrest warrants issued for a plumber and a lunch lady in the death of Freddie GrayEpic selfie turns into epic failThe family that vandalizes parks together, stays together. With bonus picture of family standing proudly by their vandalismMan hoping to become the world's first vegan to scale Mt. Everest arrived twice at the mountain only to be turned away both times because of devastating acts of God. Which gives some insight into what God thinks about vegansCaption Barbara Bush's textsBreitbart has figured out who's REALLY to blame for the violence in Baltimore: CNND.A.R.E. posts dire warning about edible marijuana candies called 'Gummy Satans' that are taking the country by storm. Which don't technically exist. BUT THINK OF THE CHILDREN ANYWAYCalifornia prepares for its first edible cricket farm. Jiminy"Sir, would you mind trying these on? I think the chrome will look great with your death's head tattoo and nipple piercing""Hey let's throw pigs off a tower into a lake and sell tickets, that's sure to bring crowds of tourists." With flying pig picturesJust so we're all clear, there's nothing sacred about the secrets of a sorority's initiation ritualsIn an unexpected twist, couple found guilty of having sex on the beach are people you wouldn't mind watching have sex on the beachNote to Jihadists: In America, we shoot back. We also freak out like pissing little girls about non-existent threats like Sharia law and cry like infants about non-existent Christian persecution, but WE SHOOT BACK, DAMMITI said, IF THIS IS YOUR EAR, the police would like to speak to youNow THIS is how you fight a war on drugsJust because you don't like your boyfriend's ex, don't go to the funeral parlor when she dies and cut her hair, smear makeup on her face and try to dissect her corpse... especially right in front of her family. w/creepy mugshotCity Commissioner sends angry Tweet to firefighters for making a grocery run while they were working. Apparently, this commissioner fails to realize firemen are always on the clockColorado children may soon be able to take medical marijuana to school. What could possibly go wrong?♫ Six foot, seven foot, eight foot lines ♪ Daylight come and me wanna do blow ♫SurveyMonkey CEO died of A: Self inflicted gunshot wound, B: Electrocuted in a freak swimming pool accident, or C: Falling while exercising?Tsunami warning issued after 7.4 earthquake off the coast of Papua New Guinea{2}

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Cryptocurrency maker Ripple Labs fined $700K for flouting financial regsMystery person puts shuttered music site Grooveshark back onlineWarrants not required for police to get your cell phone cell-site recordsCrop-dusting unmanned helicopter gets cleared for commercial flightLawyers threaten researcher over key-cloning bug in high-security lockJury orders Motorola to pay $10M for Fujifilm patent claimsPSA: 3D Realms classics debut on Steam in 32-game bundleSamsung and UT Austin developing centimeter-accurate smartphone GPSHow we cut carbon emissions influences our healthNetflix urges FCC to reject AT&T/DirecTV merger “as currently proposed”How the NSA’s speech-to-text ability keeps getting better every yearHow someone spent “pennies” to troll women, people of color via promoted tweetsStarfighter Inc. aims for a “hard-science driven, zero-g experience”Collisions return to the upgraded Large Hadron ColliderTexas trooper’s viral photo with Snoop Dogg draws reprimand, lawsuitUbuntu 15.04 review: Beauty or “boring” is in the eye of the beholderJetBlue to offer free in-flight Wi-Fi and Amazon Prime streaming videoFor first time ever, Sega won’t have a booth at E3Dealmaster: Get a Lenovo Z40 for $579.99Windows 10 gives users the finger with new emojisValve, Zen Studios bring Portal to pinball with, uh, Portal PinballCheaper, recharging Apple Watch bands arriving thanks to official supportSpaceX’s crewed Dragon spacecraft is ready for its first real test on May 6Microsoft bangs the cybersecurity drum with Advanced Threat AnalyticsWindows Update for Business brings Windows updates to your businessSuper secretive malware wipes hard drive to prevent analysisFailed Christian shoe promoter makes anti-gay first-person shooterPrime Minister of Singapore shares his C++ code for Sudoku solver9th Circuit judges rip into Prenda Law copyright trolling schemeComcast spent $336 million on failed attempt to buy Time Warner CableNumber of people with access to US classified data down 12% in one yearNintendo apologizes, promises better Amiibo communication and distributionAncient Native American city may have been done in by Mississippi floodsLet’s not embed some classic games in tweets [Updated]Video of cop killing man won’t be public until footage is played at trialFacebook’s free Internet for the poor leaves out high-bandwidth sitesYour own personal Azure: Microsoft’s new Azure Stack for private cloudsDepartment of Justice will review how it deploys cell phone snooping techNZ court unfreezes some assets so Kim Dotcom can cover $100K+ in monthly costsReview: The absolutely optional Apple Watch and Watch OS 1.0