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Warren for Vice President? Biden Reportedly Floated Spot in Private MeetingZaid Jilani/AlterNetHillary Clinton Delivers a Lame Attack on Bernie Sanders' Free College Tuition PlanZaid Jilani/AlterNet10 Things I Discovered About Ayn Rand's Addled Brain After Reading 'Atlas Shrugged'Adam Lee/AlterNetAfter Over a Decade of Occupation and $1.5 Billion in US Aid, the Reality Facing Women in Afghanistan Has Barely ChangedAmie Ferris-RotmanJodie EvansAlterNetBlack and Hispanic People Have Longer Hospital Wait Times in America Than WhitesAdam JohnsonAlterNetAverage-Looking People Have Just as Many Sexual PartnersTheresa FisherVan Winkle's'But Whole Foods Is Supposed to Be Cage-Free!': Colbert Skewers High-End Grocer for Using Prison LaborAdam JohnsonAlterNetWe Have Committed a War Crime: 'Patients Were Burning in Their Beds'Ben NortonSalonAlterNet Comics: Jen Sorensen's Hilarious Take on Campus CarryJen SorensenAlterNet10 Years After Katrina, New Orleans’ All-Charter School System Has Proven a FailureColleen KimmettIn These TimesHoneybees Are Facing a Global Threat, and If They Go, So Do WeReynard LokiAlterNetMeet the Marijuana Pioneer Who Spent His Life and Risked His Business Crusading for PotApril M. ShortAlterNetThe Right Wing's Assault on the Post Office -- Smashing the Myth That It's in Financial TroubleZaid JilaniAlterNetTrevor Noah: Where Is GOP's 'Pro-Life Passion' After Mass Shootings?Adam JohnsonAlterNetThis Is How the Paranoid Right Keeps America Armed to the Teeth: The Lies and Distortions They Use After Every MassacreChauncey DeVegaSalonWatch: Prayer Won't Stop Gun Violence, Gun Reform WillBrave New FilmsVideo Shows California Cops Punching Unarmed Woman in Brutal Arrest For a Seatbelt ViolationDavid FergusonRaw StoryHow the Government Created a Justice System That Props Up the CorporatocracyDavid MorrisAlterNetIs Drinking Red Wine Good for You?Adda BjarnadóttirAuthority NutritionLetting Go of My Fixation on Having a Big OPam CostaHuffington PostWATCH: Infuriating Video Exposes Cops Who Think the 1st and 2nd Amendments are CrimesMatt AgoristThe Free Thought ProjectSanders Blasts The Trans-Pacific PartnershipZaid JilaniAlterNet7 Successful CEOs Who Smoke PotPhillip SmithAlterNetWATCH: John Oliver Takes on the Pro-Gun 'Mental Health' HypocrisyAlterNet StaffAlterNetKrugman: Today's GOP Is Further to the Right than Cheney—Yikes!Janet AllonAlterNetThe Phantom Waistband Maneuver: When Police Shoot Unarmed Black MenDavid J. KrajicekAlterNetOregon Shooter’s Mother Hoarded Guns, Feared ConfiscationZaid JilaniAlterNetLaw Firm Representing Kim Davis Declared a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law CenterScott Eric KaufmanSalonVIDEO: Watch Three Former U.S. Treasury Sectretaries Laugh About Income InequalityZaid JilaniAlterNetRobert Reich’s Dire Warning: America’s Free-Market Obsession Is “Poisoning” Our WorldConor LynchSalonHarvard Debate Team Loses to Prison Debate TeamweinenkelDaily KosShould We Toss Around the Word 'Fascist' When It Comes to Donald Trump?Rick PerlsteinThe Washington Spectator'Please Don't Feed the Animals' - The Disturbing Rise of Anti-Poor Web CrueltyStephanie LandAlterNetNoam Chomsky: How the Word 'Liberal' Has Been Totally Distorted in AmericaSincere T. KiraboAlterNetThe Pope’s Billionaire Entourage: How the 1 Percent Embarrassed Themselves Before the PontiffMichael WinshipBillMoyers.com4 Reasons My Six-Figure Job Led to an Unhappy LifeTyler C. BeatyAlterNet Comics: Brian McFadden on How Republicans Would Fight Abortion in Outer SpaceBrian McFaddenAlterNetWhen My Husband Signed Up for War, Our Whole Family Was Drafted—And WoundedStacy BannermanArcade PublishingGenerational Warfare Bites the Dust - Hollywood Abandons the Boomers vs. Millenials Plot LineEileen G'SellSalonHere Comes The Big One: ReformCA Files Its California Pot Legalization InitiativePhillip SmithAlterNetCop Charged with Felony After Video Shows Him Smashing in Suspect’s Face with a ShotgunMatt AgoristThe Free Thought ProjectDon't Stop With Killing Cadillac Tax – Volkswagen's System of Profiting Off the Sick Must Go TooRoseAnn DeMoroAlterNetWATCH: Infuriating Video Exposes Cops Who Think the 1st and 2nd Amendments Are CrimesMatt AgoristThe Free Thought Project5 Right-Wing Idiocies This Week: O'Reilly's Dangerous Gun Violence DelusionJanet AllonAlterNetBernie Sanders Holds Boston's Largest Democratic Primary Rally EverZaid JilaniAlterNetAmerica's First Marijuana Resort Is About to Open—Thanks to This South Dakota TribePhillip SmithAlterNet4 Ways the Insane GOP Primary Has Made America's Discourse Dumber Than EverAmanda MarcotteAlterNetTrump Calls Mass Shooters 'Geniuses in a Certain Way'Ben JacobsThe GuardianTrevor Noah’s Triumph: His Dazzling Donald Trump Take-Down Was No Rookie MoveSonia SaraiyaSalonAre Sex Abuse and Charter School Scandals Catching Up With Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson?Steven RosenfeldAlterNetWhy the Media Judged Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham's Book Deals So DifferentlyRachel Kramer BusselSalonRichard Dawkins & Bill Maher Still Baffled Why So Many Liberals Think They're Bigots. Here's Why.Adam JohnsonAlterNetBen Carson’s Destructive Lies: 4 Racist Assumptions Endorsed & Magnified By Black ConservativesChauncey DeVegaSalonArmed Vet Destroys Gun Nuts’ Argument on Mass Shooters By Explaining Why He Didn’t Attack Oregon KillerTom BoggioniRaw StoryMoreMessage to the Gov't From the Corporations: Give Us Money to Improve Workers' WagesLeo GerardAlterNetTime to End 'Nuclear Family Privilege' - Let's Overcome Irrational Nostalgia for a Version of Family Long Since TransformedMia BirdsongNicole RodgersSalonVIDEO: Innocent Mother Beaten by Cops in Front of Her Children for Reporting Cop’s Rude BehaviorMatt AgoristThe Free Thought ProjectGross Hypocrisy: Where the Top 9 Republican Presidential Candidates Stand on PotKali HollowayAlterNetHell Freezes Over! Feds to Free Thousands of Drug War Prisoners By Month's EndMatt AgoristThe Free Thought ProjectWarren for Vice President? Biden Reportedly Floated Spot in Private MeetingZaid JilaniAlterNetWe Have Committed a War Crime: 'Patients Were Burning in Their Beds'Ben NortonSalonCarly Fiorina: 'I Am Distinctly Horrifying to Liberal Women'Scott Eric KaufmanSalonIf There Really Is a Final TPP Deal: Can It Pass Congress?Lori WallachAlterNetParenting on the Brink: Wrestling With Fears Too Big to NameFrida BerriganTomDispatchRobert Reich: Bernie Sanders Tells the TruthAmy Goodman and Juan GonzalezDemocracy Now!Hillary Clinton Delivers a Lame Attack on Bernie Sanders' Free College Tuition PlanZaid JilaniAlterNetBlack and Hispanic People Have Longer Hospital Wait Times in America Than WhitesAdam JohnsonAlterNetIt's Not Just America: Canadian Politicians Exploit Islamophobia to Win Over VotersSafiah ChowdhuryThe GuardianTrevor Noah: Where Is GOP's 'Pro-Life Passion' After Mass Shootings?Adam JohnsonAlterNet

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General Is Said to Think Afghan Hospital Airstrike Broke US Rules - New York TimesEx-UN General Assembly head, five others face US bribery case - ReutersHeavy Russian strikes hit western Syria: monitor - ReutersHajj Stampede Tarnishes Saudis' Image in Pakistan - New York TimesAmnesty Report Blames Saudi Coalition Airstrikes in Yemen for Civilian Deaths - TIMETerrorism Cited in Killing in Australia - New York TimesUS Officials Ask How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks - ABC NewsUPDATE 6-Europe-US data transfer deal used by many firms ruled invalid - ReutersNuclear Smugglers Tried Selling Radioactive Materials To ISIS - Huffington PostAs Pyongyang readies anniversary spectacle, life in N. Korean countryside ... - Fox News

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NYPD steal black woman banker's BMW, commit her when she asks for it backConvicted felon televangelist Jim Bakker had a bad dream, so buy his apocalyptic potato dustChristians ‘serious about their faith’ should get a handgun carry permit, says TN politicianHow pee brought us the modern worldFreaky! Street sign casts shadow of hanging manSee Cory in Utah, Boston, Toronto and Waterloo!How guards and prosecutors retaliate against solitary confinement prisoners who blow the whistleHear David Bowie's new song for European TV crime dramaCards Against Humanity & Zach Weinersmith offer full-ride scholarships to women in scienceWhat the barcode on your discarded boarding-pass revealsBankers' "Vulnerability Index": scoring employees' desperationShaken: cocktail kits by mailInexpensive battery testerReputation Economy Dystopia: China's new "Citizen Scores" will rate every person in the countryYou are Michael Jackson, and you must defeat Michael JacksonUS Senate candidate sacrificed goat, drank bloodNZ government leaks on TPP: copyright terms will go to life plus 70 yearsStoned man who called 911 found surrounded by junk foodGet a wistful, mysterious brain-teaser at a ridiculous discount this weekCatholic priest pointed rifle at 8-year-old boy and threatened to shoot him for liking the wrong sports teamSee the breathtaking drama of the Arizona MonsoonWhat's the objectively optimal copyright term?Genocide, not genes: indigenous peoples' genetic alcoholism is a racist mythThe world will end on Wednesday. With fire. By God.Chuck E. Cheese targets moms with lattes, salad, and more wine and beerCabinet of Curiosities – A unique book of natural science for curious kids – Released today!Microsoft announces Surface Book, its first laptop"Break On Through (To the Other Side)" performed on vintage electronic equipmentFacebook wants to be the attention economy's central bankerPunkt MP 01: a simple, but not uselessly minimalist basic phone

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'ALIEN INVADERS OBSERVED': OFFICIAL ESA announcementRemote code exec hijack hole found in Huawei 4G USB modemsEMC NetWorker 9 emerges from obscurityNow it's the security industry's turn to be burned by cloudCSC in US$300m Australian services slurpHillary 'spear fish' more 'drag net' flung to 11,000 others in one dayRobin flies into storage aviary: Will it soar, or is it just winging it?Sysadmins can forget PC management skills, says MicrosoftSwedish govt appeals court decision guarding domainShutterbug drone biz fined $1.9m for buzzing New York City, ChicagoGoogle .supplies .cheap web .properties with 90 top-level .domains to .world via .partnersVulture-branded LYCRA can be yours, if you're feeling charitableMeego, webOS, Sailfish OS, and now Firefox OS: Ex-Nokia man Jaaksi joins MozillaMicrosoft updates Band semi-smartwatch for fitness fanaticsAD-NNIHILATION: Apple-approved iOS tool blocks ALL ads in apps, Safari, Apple NewsNetflix launch brings Australia's biggest ever download delugeWorker drones don't need PCs says Microsoft, give 'em phones insteadSony prepares to lop off semiconductor bizSurface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptopWhite House 'deeply disappointed' by Europe outlawing Silicon ValleyCisco hooks Angler Exploit Kit infrastructureUS Cyber Command floats $460m contract to outsource most of itselfRackspace turns into a fanatical AWS cloud-flingerTeenage backup biz Code42 gets cash bonanzaMicrosoft's HoloLens: Here by 2016, mere three THOUSAND dollar priceSafe harbour ruling: RELAX, Facebook and Google will be FINE!Phone thieves to face harsher penalties for data theftMiss Brittany dethroned for posting 'nude' Facebook picsEdward Snowden denies making a deal with the Russian secret serviceTHIS is MASSIVE! Less-Masslessness neutrino boffins bag Physics NobelOracle swaps around its licence police bods' top ranksSilicon Valley now 'illegal' in Europe: Why <i>Schrems vs Facebook</i> is such a biggie'One Windows' crunch time: Microsoft tempts with glittery new devicesTERROR in the Chernobyl DEAD ZONE: LIFE - of a WILD kind - BURGEONSRights groups: Darn you Facebook with your 'government names'EU flings cash from €80bn pot at Seagate-led HPC storage projectFrench hacks go after new surveillance law … with the help of the ECHRGCHQ's exploding doughnut threatens to ooze into innocent fieldGoogle Chromecast 2015: Puck-on-a-string fun ... why not, for £30?Safe Harbour ruled INVALID: Facebook 'n' pals' data slurp at riskIf the Internet of Things scares you now: Cisco's CEO is bent on hooking up robots, EVERYTHINGAvast antivirus hole patched after public Project Zero slapGCHQ's SMURF ARMY can hack smartphones, says Snowden. Again.Potent OWA backdoor scores 11,000 corporate creds from single bizGENUINE STARSHIP as used by PRINCESS LEIA sold for just $450kCisco reforms its security disclosure processNoSQL pioneer Basho stamps its mark on time stamp data with Riak TSLinux kernel dev who asked Linus Torvalds to stop verbal abuse quits over verbal abuseQuantum Pentium appears on the horizonGoogle bugle sounds patch release for Android Stagefright 2.0



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“Teledildonics” patent troll backs down from lawsuit against KickstarterHands on: the new Lumia flagships are competent, Continuum is coolFar Cry Primal coming to XB1/PS4 February 23, PC in MarchHands-on: The Surface Book is a laptop. But it’s also a tablet.Time Warner Cable promises to stop acting like a cable companyMetal Gear Solid 5 FOB insurance: The worst kind of microtransactionHands-on: The Surface Pro 4 is a design that’s settled downFAA proposes $1.9M fine after company flew drones over New York, ChicagoTrans-Pacific Partnership accord’s copyright details leakedNeutrino flavor changes take home the physics NobelKeep Talking and Nobody Explodes review: The exact opposite of a bombThreatening to post sex tape on Facebook is not a crime, court rulesCisco shuts down million-dollar ransomware operationHow net neutrality violates the First Amendment (according to one ISP)Microsoft announces 110 million Windows 10 installs since launchTrump Hotels payment system infected with malwareMicrosoft introduces Surface Book, a convertible for Surface fansSurface Pro gets a better screen, a Skylake processorFlagship Windows Phones at last: The Lumia 950, 950XL, and 550The new Microsoft Band is a sleeker, curvier fitness tracker