Still Life

Having arranged a commission with Robyn I thought I should do the same with Marlene Milverton.

And after asking her where she thinks her strengths are I've decided a still life of objects from my life would be a good thing to have.

This would be things like my football boots, model of a Space 1999 Eagle or Thunderbird 2, a book or comic, my Sharp PC 1500, mannequin, golf ball, snorkel, some stuffed animals etc.

Bunny B

Bunny B

First use of my small lightbox for photographs.

This is Bunny's body double (for my still life project with Marlene) - Bunny B.

Bunny B is going to be one element of the still life I'm hoping Marlene will paint for me.

Constant Coincidences

It has been a consistent feature of my life, over recent years, that coincidences, conflations and crowding of events have overwhelmed me.

A mildly interesting coincidence occured today when a story about cancer caught my eye and was accompanoed by this picture:

Tamsyn Cornwall

It isn't much, but I find it a little interesting that the day I received and took a picture of a furry I bought online (about thirty years after being given the original it is to double for) and having had to guess at sizes when I bought it, a photograph of someone (in a story about cancer) was published with a larger version prominent.

Marlene Milverton

So now I had the idea in my head I went to another artist friend and asked her where she thought her strengths lie, and on her telling me still lifes were the thing I thought I'd ask her to paint me one.

Which got me thinking a pile of objects reminiscent of my life would be a good subject so I planned to make a pile and photograph it as a subject for her.

One thing and another held me up so that when I got around to a trip to Auckland I had to rush it a bit - so this is the image I ended up with…

Subject for still life

This is one of the images I gave Marlene to paint from. It's a collection of things from my life containing meaning to me.

It includes sport boots, models from childhood fascinations, my first computer, sea shell lay from Bora Bora, a stuffed rabbit, my snorkeling mask, dice, cufflinks, Robbie the robot, some coral (from various places) and a piece of the Berlin wall.

Some of the meanings aren't obvious, and it's an abbreviated collection I threw together in a hurry - there's more I would have liked in it but I couldn't organise it at the time.

The Result

This is AAAmazing! - I did not expect such a good job (rendered in acrylics).

Apparently I benefitted from Auckland's lockdowns - Marlene lives with her daughter and grand-daughter, and they had to stay home with SARS-Cov2 and Marlene shelter away from them, thereby having the time and quiet to concentrate on, as it happens, this painting.

Some clouds have silver linings it seems.