Robyn Schroeder (née Fergusson)

Robyn was also in my High School class and I've long wanted one of her paintings, but none I've seen for sale has ever caught my fancy enough (mostly because I keep thinking each is not quite as interesting to my mind as I imagine she might paint).

So I corresponded with her and have commissioned a work; a painting of my maternal grandparents home in Seacliff (from these photos).

This one in particular

Which is a picture taken in the early 1980's by cousins, I think possibly helping prepare the property for sale?

This was taken from the neighbouring farmers bull paddock.

And Tah Dah! Just after Christmas it is done!

I like that it's picked out from it's background - because it is the memory I have (and not the rest of the village so much).

I approve (and guess I asked for) the focused attention.